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Convicted 1898

Primary Source

Inquiry Questions

  • Why did this colony develop?
  • How was the swan river created?
  • Who were the first people settled in the colony?


1. The Sawn River Colony was established in 1829 by a man called Captain James Stirling. The area was explored by the ship called HMS "Success". The Sawn River Colony was declared on 2 May 1829. The settlers from The First Fleet arrived at the Sawn River Colony in June 1829. The official foundation ceremony for Perth took place on 12 August 1829 the HMS Success was aground in 1830. It was repaired with Jarrah at now known now as Kings Park in January 1831. The first ever reports of the new colony to England in January 1830 described the poor conditions and land as being totally unfit for agriculture. The settlers were in state of near starvation. Regardless more settlers went to the Colony and more and more stories were made. In 1832 the population reached about 1,500. In 1833 the first dirt track was made between Perth and Fremantle. The difficulty of clearing land was so hard to grow plants. By 1850 the population had only increased to just under 6,000 people. After 15 years of growth WA chose to change to a penal colony. The reason was so that settlers needed labour to help develop the region. The proviso was that bad criminals were not allowed in to state, women were also not allowed. About 9720 British criminals were sent over to the Swan River Colony. In Fremantle Prison and a place called Warders quarters. The very last ship came on 1886 the transportation was stopped because of complaints that there was too many convicts or ex-convicts. In 1886 less 50 convicts were in prison. The Fremantle Prion was the Swan River place of primary place of incarceration. Then the gold rush happened in the 1890's. Which gave an lot of men that the colony needed. Than when people saw Perth grow significant way.

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Fremantle, or as it was first known as “The Swan River Colony" and founded in 1829 and established as a "free settlement" when approximately four hundred settlers (civilian and military) arrived on the HMS Sulphur and Parmelia in June 1829.

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The first people to start the colony are Captain Fremantle. The colony started at now known as Fremantle.

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The Future

We should take a lot of things to the future if we are to colonise Mars. If we are coloniseing Mars we should put the living things on Mars rights above our own. We should share the land not a take the land.


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