Photo Compositon Project Tyler Rose


Patterns are very unique to every body and some people may prefer one type than another which is perfectly fine as we all are very different and I personally like the checker pattern which is why I choose it.


You don't only have to feel texture to understand its traits or how it may appear but simply looking at the object you can tell a lot by it like how it may feel, smell or even sound like by just first giving sometime to observe it.

Rule of 3rd's

Finding a good photo for this was a daunting task but as I began missing with the some options with my camera I found it to be pretty easy especially when I found the option to use grid lines which became extremely useful for this and some photos that I took on the side.


I personally found it hard to get a good example of leading lines and while on the internet trying to give me some ideas i found a good picture of stairs and I really liked that idea so I found some stairs on the side of my house and took like 5 pictures until I got one that i really liked.


When Mr.Price was explaining this concept of photography this was the first place I wanted to do this as I believe this shows a really good example of framing.

Shallow depth of field

Honestly, I had a difficult time with this one along with the depth of filed as I constantly couldn't get the photo I wanted and it was quite frustrating to get the photo I thought to be decent enough. I believe this is one of the best photos I have taken so far and I really like too.

Deep depth of field

As, I said last time I had a hard time understanding how to do this one so I tried my best to get it decent but honestly it looks like nothing I've seen so far from all my examples I tried to base it off of.

Black and White

This one by far was the easiest to do as my camera already had a setting to make photos black and white and I had a lot of fun with this to as it gave me the opportunity to try out different ways to take pictures in unique ways.

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