ENGL 150-047 Final project

Everyone in the class worked on their McGraw Hill Connect on their own time.

McGraw Hill Connect is a series of quizzes on topics of English, such as grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. We were required to finish the quizzes quarterly throughout the semester. From working on McGraw Hill Connect, we learned to assess sources and information, analyze the context and purpose of a writing problem, and to analyze the writing situation, identify needed information, and locate the appropriate information for their writing.

Our class was divided into groups by the professor

When it came to peer review our papers, we were divided into groups of four. This was so we each had three papers to read and give constructive feedback to the other students in our group to make their paper better before the final draft. By doing so, we worked effectively with others to produce and/ or revise written materials, produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar, and mechanics, critique other's drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem, and improve their content and style using feedback and revision.

Materials for Unit 2

Unit 2 was about what matters to society. To find a topic for this paper, we had to find an advertisement campaign and write about what the advertisement says that society values. When we worked on this assignment, we had to develop ideas and find reliable resources for our writing, state and support assertions, and analyze the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively.

An example of a free write on the left and a short write on the right

Throughout the semester, we were required to do free writes in class (which took about 5-10 minutes), and short writes were assigned out of class. The point of the free write was to get you in the zone for writing that day, or just to get your brain moving. We did short writes that were related to our final paper for that unit, so we already had things written down to look back on when we started our rough drafts. When we did a free write or short write, we analyzed and defined the needs of the intended audience, analyzed and defined the purpose of the writing, and adapted to the workplace and produced a variety of written documents as required.

Students in class working on their assignments

Occasionally, we would have workshops where we just get our work done in class. Whatever we had to do, whether it be writing a rough draft or working together for a peer review. Our workshops required us to organize our ideas effectively, choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience, and to edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation.

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