Foods Safety Ben, EtHan, farrah and zoe

Farrah narrates the video as it was playing.

Everything that was done and acted out in the video Farrah says in the script

Script below:

Ben and Ethan (Group 1)

The first group that started was Ben and Ethan.

"Let’s pause and take a look here. The raw meat is stored on the top shelf… believe it or not this can cause food poisoning such as salmonella, because the raw meat may drip on lower products.

*They throw their food around carelessly.* This is very unsanitary and can cause food born illnesses.

See anything wrong here? Let’s take a closer look. Ethan shows his lack of kitchen safety skills as he deliberately points a very sharp knife at ben.

Neither of them wash their hands thoroughly which can cause illnesses like Norovirus from touching food with their bare, dirty hands. Also not to mention they did not put aprons on or use any cutting boards while chopping the vegetables.

Ben gathers the veggies from the counter and sets them in the pan without washing them. Ethan opens the can and sets it in the dish with the ham.

Notice anything wrong about how ben sets his pan…? He leaves the handle sticking out which can be very dangerous and could cause someone to accidentally run into it.

They set the ham in the oven and walk away with the oven still I think not.

They had their ham in for the amount of time the instructions said… but the oven was open, Therefore the ham is not fully cooked. Eating meats that are not fully cooked can cause Salmonella and Campylobacter. Which cause symptoms such as nausea diarrhea, fever, blood in your stool and many other painful and not fun symptoms.

Ethan does not wear oven mitts as he tries to take out the hot dish…causing him to get a burn.

They use their hands to serve the food which can cause E-coli infection and Staphylococcus… who knows what’s on the dirty hands.

Ben smashes the egg and leaves large amounts of shell in the dish. He also uses his unsanitized fingers to stir the egg.

Ben uses improper kitchen utensils to mix his baking ingredients.

When the muffins are finished Ethan coughs on them, but still decides to serve them. This is very gross and could cause more unwanted illnesses.

Once again they use kitchen utensils for the wrong purpose. Not to mention eating with a knife is very dangerous.

They boys finished eating and leave their station without cleaning up after themselves."

Zoe and Farrah (Group 2)

"Farrah and Zoe start with their ham on the bottom shelf to prevent salmonella.

Farrah cautions everyone that she has a knife and holds it correctly and safely by her side.

Farrah starts to make the batter for their cookies. She uses the right utensil, a whisk, to mix it up.

Zoe and Farrah wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water. Washing your hands often and thoroughly can prevent food illnesses like E- coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, and Norovirus.

Zoe rinses off the fresh vegetables, which can prevent Norovirus and e- coli infection.

Zoe rinses off the top off the canned food, to take off any dust or dirt before opening the can and pouring in the sauce

Farrah uses a cutting board and cuts up the clean vegetables by leaving the tip on the board.

Zoe sets on the pan, different from Ben and Ethan, she uses her kitchen safety skills and angles the handle to the side. Farrah puts the ham in the oven. And closes the oven door!!

Zoe cracks the egg over the dish and looks for any shell that may have fallen in.

Farrah puts on her oven mitts, and takes the cooked ham out of the oven, resulting in no burns. She closes the oven when she is finished.

Zoe uses the oven mitts as well to take out there cookies.

Farrah starts to plate, she washes off her dishes before using them on another food, and drys it off with a clean towel.

Farrah and zoe continued after to clean up their station and made sure that it was tidy and ready for the next group"

At the end of the video I wrote:

"Ben and Ethan recieved a poor grade, they lacked kitchen and food safety skills"

"Farrah and zoe earned a very good mark, they showed great food and kitchen safety techniques"


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