The World According To Ahmed H


Question: Mt. Everest. Is is worth the risk or not?

No, I don’t think that the risk is worth it, because there are many opportunities for a person to die. There can also be multiple diseases that a person can obtain on the way. Since the climate is very cold, and the mountain is very high, people can be diagnosed with illnesses like altitude sickness or the climate can affect people’s breathing and they can die from lack of oxygen. Mount Everest is About 29,035 ft high, which is the height of a plane in the sky. The air is also very thin so that makes it extremely hard to breathe at a higher altitude. In total, 223 people have already died on the expedition on climbing Everest. There are some places that are more dangerous than others due to more avalanches or more ice. For example, the last stage is the most dangerous because most people are exhausted at this point, and it’s easier for someone to mess up and get killed.

Question: Globalization-making the wold stronger or weaker?

I think that globalization is making the world stronger together. I think this because there are numerous reasons. One of the reasons is world trade. World trade can help countries in need If they don't have a resource for a certain product, and that brings me to my next topic-resources. Most countries have resources that are mainly common in their area. This is an advantage for the sellers who need these resources for their product. Prices range, and in globalization usually the prices are affordable. There are also foods going around at all times, which makes it easier for faster shipping or producing. Technology is also an advantage in globalization because technology gives the trader more information on what they are getting and where it's coming from. Lastly, globalization brings the world together with different countries joining forces to exchange goods.

Bucket List


The Euro and the east/west diversity are bad for the super national cooperation among nations. The EU could be separated by the Euro because there might be certain people who want to use a different type of currency, and that could cause separation. They EU could also be separated by the East/Weston diversity because since the West side is wealthier than the East, there might be people from the East coming over to the West, and the people from the West get scared because they might make less than before.

Limited government is when the government is limited to do certain things, unlike unlimited government is when the government has unlimited power. With limited government, the government has limited power, so everyone is free. For example in the U.S, there is the constitution, separation of power, and rule of law, that keeps the government limited. No one is under pressure or under control of another person. But with limited Government the government has the power to do anything, and they can pretty much control the people with all that power, for example in North Korea, if you live there, you can’t get out, and Kim Jon Un is another example of unlimited government. But anywhere and everywhere you go, there's always going to be government.

This is what most people expect from a good citizen. A good citizen follows the laws made by the government, and he or she pays taxes on a regular basis to prevent going to jail or to face other consequences. A good citizen has freedom, and they have rights to do the things they want. Citizens are free to vote, and they have freedom of speech. A good citizen is always informed about the new, and how society is changing or what changes are being made. Those were just some of the examples of what a proper citizen is like.

There are many ways to adapt in the desert region. One example is that people wear long, large cloths. There clothes is usually light. Long clothes covers the whole body and that decreases the chance of getting sunburn or heatstroke. Light clothing deflects off heat. Animals such as camels come in handy if someone is a nomad or if someone needs to carry resources around. Camels can store resources, so if there's a drought camels could live longer. Camels can carry around resources and people from place to place. Droughts are usually caused by desertification or deforestation. Living life in the desert isn't easy. People have come up with ideas that help themselves and other people adapt to the environment. Some of these ideas are more useful than others, but all of them make a difference in someone's life. These ideas help people adapt to the desert.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region or country? Other countries or region could want that resource. Most countries want more valuable resources, but a simple way to get them Is to take it from another country that has a lot of that certain resource. Wars or riots could start. For example, in Venezuela, there is commotion because the government keeps all the oil, and doesn't distribute it properly. if the resource isn't distributed properly then there would be people in poverty looking for more valuable things (thievery). Country's could also get mad, and this could lead to wars. Overall the main lesson on this si that if a country has a lot of something valuable, other countries would want if and they could fight for it.

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