Plate Boundary By: Ellie brenneman

  • Divergent plate boundaries move away from each other. Divergent plate boundaries were made from tension stress. From this stress and the way it moves the boundaries make many landforms such as, mid-ocean ridge, volcanoes, earthquakes, continental rift, and volcanoes. There was a volcanic eruption was in the Changbaishan, possibly caused by a divergent boundary. this made enough ash to burry the U.K. in it at least a knee deep. This was believed to happen around the year 1,000.
  • Convergent plate boundaries move towards each other. Convergent plate boundaries were made from compression stress. the land forms that the convergent boundaries make are volcanoes, fold mountains ridges, trenches and earthquakes. There once was a tsunami in the indian in 2004 probably because of the convergent plates. This also caused an earthquake at the same time. This was on December 26th, the third largest earth quake recorded.
Transform Boundary
  • Transform boundaries move by sliding in opposite directions agains each other. Transform plate boundaries were made from shear tension. Transform boundaries can make different landforms such as ridges and shallow earthquakes. A transform boundary created the san Andreas strike slip fault. The fault forms the tectonic boundary between the pacific plate and the north american plate.

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