Mr. Lincoln's High Tech War Michael Rinker

Mr. Lincoln's High Tech War

Thomas B. Allen


The Civil War



Abraham Lincoln was the main character in this book because he was the president during the time of the Civil War.

The Civil War was the main event in the book. It stared when Lincoln won the election. It is important because it stopped slavery.


Abraham Lincoln read books on strategy for war.

He overruled generals in the war if he thought he knew better.

Hot air balloons were used to scout the Confederates.

The first repeating gun was made by the Union.

The first submarine was made by the confederacy, and it was powered by hand cranks. It killed 25 of its crew.

Iron clads were invented and they were iron plated boats.

It was the first time the railroads were used for transporting troops.


I would rate this book a three out of five because even though it was pretty boring, it was quite factual and that's what a nonfiction book is supposed to be.


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