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portrait lighting setup

  • select your background
  • set up two lights either side of the subject in front on full power
  • talk to your sitter, direct them, create the look, the mood, the expression
  • compose the shot in the camera - FILL THE FRAME and shoot

the shoot

the portraits

portfolio lighting setup

  • select the object you want to shoot and place on your chosen background - plain is best
  • using two lights, place each either side of the object , slightly in front on full power
  • with your camera on a tripod, compose the shot - FILL THE FRAME
  • for best results set your camera to record RAW files
  • shoot the object from various angles include shots of the details of the object
  • open the image file in Photoshop Camera Raw and use the sliders to correct exposure, and recover any detail needed using the highlight and shadow sliders
  • open the adjusted file in Photoshop CC use Curves, Unsharp Mask, Dodging & Burning, Clone Stamp and Healing Spot Tool
  • save the files as jpeg's level 6 or above

the work

photoshop tips

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