The Three Basic Questions Bertha Palacio

What to produce?

What has to be produced is that there has to be more military equipment production such as food, clothing, and housing.

Military equipment

HOW to Produce

The way we can produce Is we need/have people working hard, to build houses, grow foods, make clothes and shoes. We also need machines to create new military equipment and machines to help workers have a easier job.

Construction Workers
We need people to work in fields, to grow food and take all the bad away that's not necessary to be there.

FOR WHOM To produce

We need to produce clothes, foods, and homes for everyone because everyone needs those things.

We have to produce foods, clothing's, and housings for people.
We also need equipment for our military people.
We need to produce housings for families, because every family needs a home to build memories and stay safe. So that's why it's important to produce housings, foods, and clothes for families.
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Bertha Palacio


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