Water scarcity in egypt Egypt,Noah,mrs yeo,

Physical water scarcity is when there is not enough water to meet all demands.

Two kids very happy to drink water

Economic water scarcity is caused by a lack of money in water infrastructure.

Egypt has water scarcity because the Nile river is very polluted and dirty pulse with no money they can't buy water cleaning machines for clean water

Egypt is located in the northern part of Africa

Water scarcity in egypt is caused by people throwing their rubbish into the nile river causing there to be not enough clean water in the river for them to drink and they don't have the money to clean it with machinery.

Precipitation patterns in egypt

This map explains why there is water scarcity in egypt, egypt is in North Africa at the top and as you can see is the colour red because that means that there is a lot of heat and extremely humid.

The effect on the water by the environment


Problems water scarcity causes for people, places and environment in egypt. Water scarcity in egypt has an effect on education and food because they are always busy getting water for them selves to drink they have to wak Kilometres just for that they can't afford to not do it because they also use the water to grow crops to eat wich you can't really do only some people have access to the 6% of land that is you are able to farm on. Think about it if you walked 8 hours a day to get water would you have time to go to school and learn.

Climate graph in egypt

This shows me that egypt should have a lot of water but they dont because of the toxic wast and rubbish that is thrown in to the Nile river which is there drinking water.

The main thing being done to lessen the impact of water scarcity in Egypt, is that they are placing a number of taps all around Egypt wich people can go to wich is less of a walk and plus it is clean water unlike the river and little holes of water in the ground.

A kid happy for 20 drops or more of water 👏



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