Harn Museum of Art Jasmine Cornileus

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Ancestor Spirit Masquerade Costume

Watching the rituals associated with this dress on TV did not do the costume justice. Coming to the Harn, seeing it in person and learning about the background really gave me insight into the culture linked to the costume. The costume and ritual always seemed kind of scary and weird to me, but through this exhibit, I was given knowledge on the rich culture, helping me to better understand the makers of this costume, why they made it, and appreciate the beauty behind it. The most striking part was the extreme layering of the costume. This allows for the wearer to never truly be seen, giving them a spiritual, ghostly appearance. This artwork made me feel more educated and appreciative of the different unique cultures of the world.

Design of the Museum

This exhibit, the Japanese Garden appealed to me because of its serenity and connection with nature. The space was very open, with an aesthetically pleasing bridge placed in the middle. The use of space made the exhibit very appealing. The placement of the plants, pond, and trees gave the space a bigger look than what it actually was, making you feel like you've stepped into a whole other world.

Art and Core Values

I could relate to this exhibit due to the connection with UF's College of Design, Construction, and Planning for I am pursuing a degree in that college. The core value this artwork struck was my value of creativity. Seeing the way a student brought their vision to life, and it actually being displayed in a museum really peaked my interest. It helped me understand that not only do I value creativity, but that I also value the ability to express and share that creativity with others. It stirred feelings of inspiration in me as I imagined one day, maybe having an exhibit in a gallery just like this graduate.

Art and the Good Life

Dream Police by Jackie Nickerson

This piece portrays the Good Life theme of "Seeking the Good Life." This piece shows a girl, who is in a constant state of poverty and danger, but who smiles nonetheless. In this moment, she has enough joy to smile, even though she is experiencing great levels of suffering. There are people all around the world who couldn't even muster enough happiness to do just that, but may have a great amount of pleasures. This artwork reminds me of the theory that great suffering leads to one finding more meaning in life, for because of their suffering, they are forced to look for meaning in order to survive, as explained in Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. It gives me more understanding of this concept, and is a prime example of a person with suffering who may find more meaning in the simple things of life than one with many pleasures and no suffering.

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