Body Image Bootcamp It's time to flip your script

Hi! My name is Hillary West. I am a boudoir photographer, body image activist, and your facilitator for Body Image Bootcamp!

I want to help you learn how to love yourself more, change the way you speak to yourself and those you love, and empower you to change the world around you through love annd acceptance!

The intent of Body Image Bootcamp is to explore your body image, educate you on why we believe the bullshit we do, and empower you to take control of your thought processes, thus enabling you to move forward and work toward more important things!

I know you are curious.... What is Body Image Bootcamp?

We grow up in a culture that tells us to change things about ourselves...our mood, our hair color, our style, but mostly our weight. This diet culture follows us our whole lives, embedding itself into our tv shows, the media we read, even what we hear on the radio.

We have to change our mindset about changinng our bodies, so we can focus on more important things....changing the world!

Body Image Bootcamp is there to provide tools for women to start changing their mindset.

I have been through the bootcamp myself and am now a trained facilitator. This is possible because of my mentor, Teri Hofford.

In this course, we are going to dive in to answering questions about why we think about and treat our bodies as less that what they are.

This course is designed to kick start your journey of self love and acceptance.

When is it?

Body Image Bootcamp is something I hope to run a couple of times a year. This session will be a two-day workshop in my Norfolk studio.

The course will start at 10am each day and go until about dinner time. We will all head out to dinner together after we have completed that day's agenda.

The class will take place on September 28 and 29, 2019!

What is included with your registration fee?

In addition to the actual bootcamp course work, each attendee will receive a swag bag including a hardcover journal to be used throughout the course.

Craft supplies will be provided, but the attendees are welcome to bring their own every week.

There will be light refreshments offered during the class.

As a group we may decide to go eat dinner together after class at a nearby restaurant.

The Details:

COST: $150

LOCATION: The Hillary West Boudoir Studio — 2501 Fawn St. Norfolk, VA 23505

DATES: September 28 and September 29, 2019


Ready to do this?

Interested in learning more about Hillary West Boudoir and the studio?

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