Women in the Kitchen Legends Mentors and Friends 2018

On a beautiful, sunny, and warm March day in Florida, Kathleen Blake recruited 9 James Beard celebrated women chefs, from all over the country, to cook a meal for 150 lucky guests at Lake Meadow Naturals farm in Ocoee, FL. The 4 course meal was served, along with wine pairings, to the guests seated along one, very long table.

The beautifully long table

Lake Meadow Naturals

Lake Meadow Naturals was founded in 2000 by Dale Volkert to raise pastured chickens like his father in Wisconson. His farm is open to the public and more info can be found on his website www.lakemeadownaturals.com

Some of the amazing animals you'll have an encounter with on the farm.

A lot of prep work goes into cooking a feast for 150 people.

Everything is of course organic, including these beautifully roasted beats that were served with blackberrys.

These flowers are not just for decoration, they are, undoubtedly, edible.

Here, beautiful King Oyster Mushrooms are prepped.

Homemade crispy croutons for hors d'oeuvres

As the guests arrived, hors d'oeuvres were served along with a refreshing summer cocktail and wine selections.

Cocktail hour at Lake Meadow Naturals

After a bit of mingling with the guests it was time to find our seats at the main table.

The incredible meal!
A very celebrated crew of chefs

It's not that often you get a meal prepared by this many amazing chefs

Recognizing excellence
The entertainment for the evening, the Swamp Sistas
Kathleen Blake


Aaron Katen, Ryan Wolfe

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