California The golden state

los Angeles is the largest city
This is the state animal,state flower,and the state bird, the state inset and the state mineral.

The rank in population is 1 here

California groses a lots of fruit.
Disney land is in california.
Saramento is the capital of california
This is the California flag.
California has over 40,000,000 garbage

This state was the31 state on september 9, 1850.

I hope you enjoy California.


Created with images by tpsdave - "panorama golden gate bridge landmark" • shankar s. - "California Quail" • cletch - "Montana Grizzly Encounter" • James St. John - "Gold mass (alluvial gold) (Kalgoorlie region, Western Australia) 1" • siamesepuppy - "California Dogface - Butterfly" • HockeyholicAZ - "DSC_9203" • Don McCullough - "Orange Bokeh" • Koshyk - "Persimmon" • 16:9clue - "Lemons" • ** RCB ** - "cherry tomatos" • Rob.Bertholf - "Hillcrest Farmers Market" • John-Morgan - "Fresh lemon" • othree - "Tokyo Disney Land" • hhyunma - "parade the procession mimi mouse" • sarangib - "capitol sacramento architecture" • Håkan Dahlström - "California Republic" • Blisko_Przyrody - "plastic screw caps caps plastic"

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