Bottlenose Dolphin By: Katie Childers

Scientific Name



The Bottlenose Dolphin can be found in temperate and tropical waters, such as the Pacific Ocean. They can range from Japan and Southern California to as far as Australia and Chile!


A Bottlenose Dolphin is a carnivore, their diet mainly consists of fish, squid, and crustaceans

Physical Description

A Bottlenose Dolphin weighs about 331.5-442 pounds. They can be up to 6.6-12.8 ft long. Their average lifespan can be up to/ over 40 years!

Breeding Information

The Bottlenose Dolphin gives a live birth to one baby. After taking care of that baby during it's initial years( typically 3-6 years ), the mother sets her baby off to take care of itself

Special Behavior/ Unique Anatomy

The Bottlenose Dolphin is known for it's unique whistle that helps it recognize familiar friends or family.

Weird/ Interesting Info

A Bottlenose Dolphins brings the saying, "sleep with one eye open" to life during their sleeping time. Although this is strange, they do this because it keeps them from drowning, while one eye is open, one side of the brain is awake too. Another fun fact is that the Bottlenose Dolphin is trained by US and Russian Armys to help with marine tasks.




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