Illegal Immigration Sara aguilar

The differences between both legall and illegal immagrants

Belief: llegal immigrants deserve a hard earned life where they can better themselves. Many immigrants cross the borders from Mexico to the United States to work. These immigrants have built homes for themselves and their families with hard earned money. Others have graduated from high school, college, even universities, because they studied hard to have a good paying career. Knowingly being an illegal immigrant in the U.S these people work hard despite their major setback in fulfilling their lives. Children of illegal immigrants should not be left without parents. Immigration should be legal because, having illegal immigrants benefits the United States, majorly with economy. This is a big reason why illegal immigrants should become legal. The U.S officially can't go on without them regardless.

Statement 1: America’s economy is built of little and big jobs, illegal immigrants take employment in a majority of the little jobs. The U.S has a high population, a high population comes with many low and high paying jobs. In an article “why deporting undocumented immigrants could slow down the U.S economy” Paul wiseman states that most of illegal immigrants residing in the U.S are employed at roughly 18% in agriculture, 13% in construction, and 10% in restaurants. (Wiseman.) Therefore if and only if an estimated 6.8 million employed immigrants were to be deported the U.S would lose most of its employees. (Wiseman.) A response to Paul wiseman’s article “why deporting undocumented immigrants could slow down the U.S economy” after Gitis reviewed the numbers an understanding of 4 million jobs would go unfilled if the U.S government were to deport fully employed illegal immigrants. (Wiseman.) Working in plants and cleaning toilets is the work of most illegal immigrants. A vast majority of the U.S’s legal residents are not willing to do the job of illegal immigrants. However cleaning toilets and working in plants is sometimes dangerous these illegal immigrants yet work extremely hard at what they do for their living. Deporting illegal immigrants would have a negative strong impact on the U.S’s economy. The sole purpose for the economy to work for example, is for high service corporations to be in work, deporting illegal immigrants would keep from the money the U.S economy.

Families should belong and stay together

Statement 2: Every family should be entitled to have a long life together. In every culture family is very important. A parent should have the same opportunity as any other parent to watch over their child as they age. First day of school, first concert or award, first big accomplishment, and an important milestone in their development these are just a few moments a parent would like to take part in. Graduation is one of the biggest moments in a child's adolescence. Marriage where a mother can argue with future in laws is not very enjoyable but a parent would still want to be involved. In an article from 2013 called “deportation without your kids” a reporter speaks of a single mother's case. Alicia a single parent to two young adolescents after her husband was deported, She was working illegally in the U.S for many years. She was then arrested for an unpaid traffic ticket, reported and sent to immigration after her arrest her 10 and 12 year old daughters were then placed in U.S foster care custody. In the year 2013 the U.S has deported 1.6 million people for violating U.S immigration laws. ( Menga.) With that an estimated 1.4 million children have been left and placed in U.S foster care, not because their parents are criminals but because they came to the United States to give their children a better life. Like Alicia many people try to return to the U.S once again undocumented for their children, to be by their child's side. Families should not have to live in fear because of illegal immigration, family rights should be fought for those children that have been left orphans because of ICE. Family rights needs to have a strong stand on deportation.

Statement 3: In history and in live reference every immigrant states that they crossed the borders to the U.S to have a better life. Children at a young age we're taught to follow their dreams and challenge any obstacles in their way. Many children at a young age exceed average expectations in school. Going to college is a big dream in most adolescents life. Including illegal immigration adults come to make a life. Go to school, have an amazing career. Their lifestyle is working and working hard. In a book “what rights should illegal immigrants have?” An edit from cothrans book Emanuel states that “the children of undocumented immigrants have done nothing wrong by residing in the United States, in fact, these children worked hard in school, speak father language, have assimilate, and should warded with access to high education. If the United States hopes to build a stronger future it must educate and train its diverse population.” (Emmanuel.) in the United States education is and average expectation for a career. Keeping possible future business owners from a higher education keeps the world and economy from growing. In the U.S an education is needed to live. It's a need, but sometimes certain people make it a want by wanting to reach further. Education is important, each person should be entitled to have a further reached education.

Claim: Illegal immigration should be legal. Most of the U.S economy realizes on illegal immigrants. As well as families should be entitled to be live together without fear. Get involved. Write letters to the ICE. Protest against immigration. Request a fair fight for illegal immigrants that are here for the same life everyone else works just as hard for.

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