Rosie spoonbill drops in for a visit

Rosie has been buzzing the neighborhood lately. It is not unusual for her to dart between houses and plop down in someone’s backyard.

She mostly seeks out water, of course. Likes to jump and splash, just like a kid.

When she's hungry, she dips that long spoonbill of hers into the muck for edibles.

When her belly’s full, she cleans her nails or tucks a leg up under her and works crossword puzzles in her head.

Sometimes when she’s bored Rosie talks to herself. I think she puts pebbles in her mouth to improve elocution, but I can’t understand her.

Oops, now she’s got a friend.

She’ll be leaving soon.

Roseate spoonbill (Platalea ajaja) - Fossil Park, St. Petersburg, FL - FEB 2018

Created By
john hayes


John Hayes

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