---R.M.--- Ilianes R. & Carmen p.

Revival of religion feeling & belief in the 1800s-1830s. Transcendentalism is the belief of the goddess in man, which led by Henry David Thoreau. He advocated in Civil Disobedience.
It promise to promote "liberty and equality for all". Began in the Revolutionary Era. The abolitionist wanted to end slavery in the United States.
The convention organizers modeled their proposal for woman's right, the Declaration of Sentiments, on the Declaration of Independence. The Seneca Falls Convention demanded equality for women rights at work, school, church, and in voting booth.
Dorothea Dix agreed to teach a Sunday school class at a jail and lawmakers voted to create new mental hospitals for mentally ill.
Alcohol abuse was widespread among men, Woman, and children. Reformers linked alcohol abuse to crime, the backup of families, and mental illness.
Efforts to change this practice were led by Horace Mann, who would later received the nickname "father of American public schools"

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