Bringing Back Creativity Children Education

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

PROBLEM: In America's current public school system, students are given little to no break time between classes and all the classes consist of intensive teaching the moment students enter class. With such a rigid and intensive education system, students are losing interest in all kinds of learning even before experiencing them. It is hard to learn a topic that is uninteresting and even if the students learn the topic, they are prone to forget them sooner or later. The only aspect students get out of school as a long term effect these days is stress.

FINLAND VS. USA: Chartouni was a teacher in Finland, but she moved to America and started teaching in America. Chartouni soon realized that American schools have tight and rigorous curriculum and schedules for both the teachers and students. "They have five minutes to go from one location to another, [and] they have seven periods of intensive teaching." In contrast to American schools, in Finland schools, both students and teachers have 15 minute breaks in between every classroom hour.


Think. Act. Share. Change.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela

OBJECTIVE: Our main goal is to make volunteering a personal and meaningful experience. We formed TASC after realizing the effect our various talents can have in our community. ​As such, we want to help each and every volunteer make a lasting impact. TASC serves to provide individualized volunteer opportunities for students by targeting their unique talents and interests. We want to motivate young, growing minds to explore and learn. We hope to continue the flames of curiosity in our community.

MAIN ROLE: To introduce younger students to fun methods of learning, volunteers with academic interest can join our team of educators. As a team, volunteers will receive or prepare a lesson for an event. During each event, volunteers will engage with younger students in various subjects such as math, science, or art by providing activities or showing demonstrations that cannot usually be done in a regular school setting. Through this program, our educators hope their juniors develop an interest in learning.


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