Shakespeare Eliana Lopez P.2


Quote 1: "Shakespeare’s birth is April 23"(Lander).

Commentary: The birth of Shakespeare is like a miracle to us. Without his birth, poetry and his work would not be the same without him.

Quote 2:"Shakespeare’s parents belonged to what today would be called the middle class"(Lander).

Commentary: Shakespeare was not rich or poor back then. There are people the are middle class and that they are very unique with their art just like how Shakespeare was.

Quote 3: "Shakespeare was not rich or poor back then. There are people the are middle class and that they are very unique with their art just like how Shakespeare was"(William).

Commentary: Shakespeare was middle class back then. In modern life, he is worth a lot for everything that he has done to help us with his writing.

Quote 4: "His parents were illiterate; he grew up in a small provincial town in which lived no more than a handful of educated men"(Rubinstein).

Commentary:There was not many educated people where he lived. He was a leader many followers wanting to be just like him.


Quote 1:"At the age of eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway"(Anderson).

Commentary: He was seven years younger than his bride.Whom he had three children with.

Quote 2: "In 1594 Shakespeare became an actor and playwright for the Lord Chamberlain's Men, the company that later became the King's Men under James I "(Columbia).

Commentary: He became a well respected, hard working writer and actor.

Quote 3: "By 1612,when he returned to Stratford ...Shakespeare had written thirty-seven plays"(Anderson).

Commentary: When Shakespeare retired he began to write some of his best plays such as Julius Caesar, Hamlet,Macbeth etc.


Quote 1: "Shakespeare bestrides the world like a literary Colossus, his work so rich with timeless situations, of love and loss, power and pride, families and friendship; he is simply the most performed playwright. And while our esteemed editor immersed himself in the opening of Hamlet at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London prior to its world tour, I joined the crowds to pay homage at Stratford's uniquely colorful birthday bash"(Ellis).

Commentary: His work is very valuable to people. It means so much to readers and the audiences.

Quote 2: "The Royal Shakespeare Company is leading a countrywide celebration from now to 2016"(William).

Commentary: Shakespeare is an important man to everyone. He is a smart person to look up too.

Quote 3: "All the world's a stage (to shamelessly coin another of the Bard's phrases), although in this case, the stage is Shakespeare's and it's the world that comes to him"(William).

Commentary: Shakespeare was an important man and still is. He was loved by everyone.

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