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Updated: 3.29.18

EW: Handmaid's Tale Season 2 trailer hits!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • IT. IS. HERE! The first full trailer for The Handmaid's Tale season two was dropped onto the internet yesterday and it is the lovely, terrifying beast that you would expect...Full Story
  • Check out our shot by shot breakdown of teasers 1& 2! Full trailer breakdown coming soon!

TheHindu.Com: Aunt Lydia's past explored in season 2

Photo Credit: HULU
  • The woman you love to hate in Gilead...well one of them...will have more of her story revealed in season two and The Hindu sat down with her to discuss it...Full Story

AccessOnline: GLAAD happy to honor Wiley!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Congratulations to Samira Wiley who will be honored with the Vito Russo award at the GLAAD media awards in NYC on 3.29.18...Full Story

HollywoodReporter: Atwood will saddle up with Dark Horse again!

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter/Ken Steacy/Dark Horse
  • You can't keep this duo penned up for long. Margaret Atwood and Dark Horse Comics will once again team up to bring you multiple projects...Full Story

BONUS: Pre-Order Margaret Atwood's "The Complete Angel Catbird!"

AutoStraddle: Wiley & Morelli make the happiest place on earth happier

Photo Credit: The Knot/Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for OUT100
  • Everyone's favorite couple recently celebrated their first year of marriage...Full Story

Variety: Strahovski & Rapace to get their wings

Photo Credit: HULU
  • She's certainly no angel in The Handmaid's Tale but she'll join Noomi Rapace in the newly announced thriller "Angel of Mine"...Full Story
  • BONUS: Check out our season one interview with Yvonne Strahovski!

Updated: 3.22.18

Mayday: Handmaid's Season 2 Teasers Shot by Shot!

  • HULU has delivered two intense, incredible teaser trailers for HMT Season two and we've broken them down shot by shot to see exactly what's hiding in them. See video slideshows, still image galleries, & GIFs from each trailer!...Full Story!

Deadline Hollywood: HMT Cast Talks Darker Season 2 at PaleyFest!

Photo Credit: Emily Kneeter for the Paley Center
  • The Handmaid's Tale cast and creators were on hand for PaleyFest 2018 for a night of questions and answers about the upcoming season of the show...Full Story

Vanity Fair: Season 2 - What Do We Know?

  • Vanity Fair breaks it all down. What do we know so far...Full Story

PopSugar: Major Hints About Luke/June Reuniting!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • The Handmaid's Tale is not exactly known for, what you would call, "happy" moments. One everyone is wondering about is Luke & June's potential reunioon in season 2...Full Story

US: Minghella Talks About HMT Season 2!

Photo Credit: Brian To for the Paley Center
  • Darker, bigger, and involving MUCH higher stakes. Max Minghella delivers his take on season 2...Full Story

SCAD FASH Teams With Crabtree for HMT Exhibit

  • Ane Crabtree is at it again, spreading inspiration and knowledge around like only she can. Look out Atlanta , The Handmaid's Costume's are coming to town...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Moss, Haddish & McCarthy To Star in "The Kitchen."

  • Big movie news for Elisabeth Moss, whom we are pretty sure is a robot, or has clones, because she NEVER stops working...Full Story

Vulture: So, What's Under The Cloaks?

Photo Credit: HULU
  • It's a questions we at Mayday have never really thought to ask, but Vulture gets the answers from teh cast themselves...Full Story

DailyMailUK: PaleyFest Sees Red With Yvonne Strahovski!

Photo Credit: Brian To for the Paley Center
  • PaleyFest got a little taste of Gilead this year and as always The Handmaid's Tale cast including Yvonne Strahovski in her stunning red were a big hit...Full Story

Mayday: "The Path" Creator Goldberg On Ep2 Of #FFF Podcast

  • We debuted our new pop up podcast #FemaleFilmmakerFriday Interviews with Lindsey Copeland. Now Lindsey joins Justin as co-host as they interview Jess Goldberg, creator of the HULU TV series "The Path"...Full Story


The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 - New Teaser Drops!

  • Holy.......wow! The new teaser is out and it is intense! Look for a full shot by shot breakdown soon from us!

Amazon: Handmaid's Tale Season 1 On DVD / Blu Ray Now!

  • Buy the first season of The Handmaid's Tale on DVD & Blue Ray today! Featuring special features you can only get on these releases...Click here to buy!

EW: Alexis Bledel Drops Hints for Season 2!

Photo Credit: Entertainement Weekly/George Kraychyk/Hulu
  • Entertainement Weekly for the win again! They sat down with Alexis Bledel who dropped all kinds of hints about Season 2 and also looked back on season 1...Full Story

AdWeek: HMT Red Robes On Fire at SXSW!

Photo Credit: Adweek/HULU
  • Adweek shows us a VERY special treat for the attendees of SXSW in Austin, TX as HULU's marketing push for Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale fires up...Full Story

HuffPost: Samira Wiley On the New Parts of Gilead!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Moira may have escaped to Canada, but be prepared to see some new parts of Gilead says actress Samira Wiley. Huff Post talks to her about season 2, #MeToo and HMT's handling of race....Full Story

Coveteur: What Madeline Brewer Wants Answered in Season 2!

  • Coveteur sat down to talk with Madeline Brewer about season 2 and it's nice to see that the cast wants to know about some things just as much as the fans...Full Story

CBC: Ane Crabtree On The Power Of Fashion

Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • In this audio interview with CBC Radio, Handmaid's Tale costume designer Ane Crabtre talked about why the red and white costumes had become a symbol of protest...Full Story

Buffalo.edu: Atwood Talks About Humanities

  • Margaret Atwood payed a visit to the University of Buffalo and talked about her work, and importance of the humanities in society...Full Story

Variety: Atwood Among Power Nominees

Photo Credit: Rex/Shutterstock/Variety
  • Margaret Atwood is among Variety magazines "Power of Women" nominees, honoring the philanthropic achievements of women in the entertainment industry...Full Story

Variety: Moss & Ronan Star in "The Seagull"

Photo Credit: Letterboxdvd
  • Get a look at the heartbreaking new trailer for the film "The Seagull" starring Elisabeth Moss and Saoirse Ronan from Variety Magazine!..Full Story


Bustle: Season 2 Features New Character From Book

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Season 2 is almost hear and the anticipation for what waits ahead is staggering. New characters and their role in the story are among the chief concerns for fans. Bustle examines on new character and what they could mean to the story...Full Story

Irish Times: Atwood Talks Porn Stars & Pence

Photo Credit: Irish times
  • File this one under "Things most fans already knew" but it's still amazing to hear Margaret Atwood call out Commander Pence by name...Full Story

ET: Strahovski Talks #MeToo & Serena Joy

Photo Credit: Max Abdabian/Fashion Magazine/ET
  • Yvonne Strahovski talks about feeling more comfortable in her own skin as an actress and what the #MeToo movement means and playing an evil character...Full Story

Sydney Morning Herald: SBS Learns From Season 1 Mistakes

Photo Credit: SBS Network
  • Good news Australian fans, not only is Season 2 being fast tracked this year (SO NOT WAITING!) but the SBS promises a more seamless (see: no commercials in the middle of climactic scenes) experience...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Moss' Oscar Hair Photo Diary

Photo Credit: Tommy Bucket/Hollywood Reporter
  • Elisabeth Moss' hair stylist, Tommy Bucket, shared a nice photo diary of his day prepping Moss for the Oscars with THW...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Moss Among Celeb Facialist Varg's Clients At Oscars

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/THW

SCMP.Com: Angel Catbird Graphic Novel Praised

Photo Credit: SCMP.com
  • Margaret Atwood, is there anything she can't do? Author, Producer, Smacking Elisabeth Moss, AND writing a bad ass graphic novel...Full Story


Mayday: We Have Seen Episode 1 of Season 2!

  • You read that correctly!!!! Mayday has seen the premier episode of Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale! All I can say today is WOW....WOW. We will have more on this VERY soon but wanted to tease it for you!

CNBC: Atwood Recalls Pre-Handmaid's Times.

Photo Credit: Tara Ziemba | Getty Images
  • Margaret Atwood's 2017 would make any author envious, and her success is well deserved and hard won, but CNBC talked to Atwood about the times before The Handmaid's Tale was released when things were a little leaner...Full Story

DigitalSpy: HMT Cast Behind The Scenes Clip

Photo Credit: HULU/DigitalSpy
  • Sometimes it seems like a far off place that could never happen here. Other times it feels so timely that I feel like I should have a bag packed in the car and my passport updated to make a run for it. DigitalSpy offers a behind the scenes clip to see what some of the HMT cast members have to say...Full Story

TheDailyMailUK: Strahovski Discusses Luck/Success of Handmaid's Tale.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Cronenberg
  • In our interview with Yvonne Strahovski she discussed the success of the show and being blown away by the reaction and political relevence of the show. She talked recently about how that all came to be...Full Story

ComicBook.com: Madeline Brewer Eyeing Batgirl?

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Man, if there is one thing we could use it's an alternate universe version of Handmaid's Tale where female super heros swoop in and save the day! We'll settle for the prospects of Madeline Brewer coveting the role of Batgirl in the upcoming DC Comics Film...Full Story

Moneyish: Ane Crabtree's Rise From The Projects To Award Winning Designer!

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for JumpLine/Moneyish
  • Ane Crabtree's story is a very American one, but may still surprise you. Moneyish talked to Crabtre about using her gifts to rise from housing projects in Kentucky to red hot award winning designer...Full Story


Harper's Bizzare: Miller Says Colonies Worse Than You Think

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Bruce Miller HMT showrunner and writer sat down with Harper's Bazaar to talk the darkness of the colonies and how it may just be worse that you think...Full Story

LA Times: Crabtree Wins Costume Award & Takes A Stand

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
  • BLESSED BE THE FRUIT! Ane Crabtree, costume designer for HMT, was on hand to accept the show's award for Costume Designer's Guild Award for "Excellence in contemporary television." Ane is responsible for creating the iconic looks seen on the show so a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to her...Full Story

The Tracking Board: Dowd's "Nancy" Picked Up For By Studio!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • You may recall that Ann Dowd recently had an astonishing FIVE films screening at the Sundance Film Festival. One of those films, a thriller called "Nancy" has been picked up...FullStory!


Variety: Bradley Whitford In Command for Season 2!

Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese/Deadline Hollywood
  • Bradley Whitford on The Handmaid's tale? Get Out! Deadline Hollywood confirms that the award winning actor has a recurring role in Season 2 as...Full Story

TV Guide: You Can Take The Moira Out Of Gilead...

Photo Credit: HULU
  • We all know Moira will begin this season on the right side of the Gilead/Canada border but, as TV Guide reports, this does not mean that she's left Gilead behind completely...Full Story

ET: Ann Dowd On Her Friendship With Theroux

Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight/Getty Images
  • Ann Dowd wants you to know that her friendship with Justin Theroux isn't just something to be taken lightly. The two formed a very tight bond while working together on...Full Story

Recode: Crabtree Discusses Inspiration For HMT Costumes!

Photo Credit: Ane Crabtree
  • Any day that we get to talk about Handmaid's Tale costume desinger Ane Crabtree is a good day. Recode has a fantastic video of Ane Crabtree presenting and discussing looks both new and old and what inspired them...Full Story

Recode: Season 2 Costumes!

Photo Credit: Ane Crabtree/Recode
  • Recode had themselves a nice week hanging with Ane Crabtree! In this story she gives them a first look at some of the looks for season 2...Full Story
Photo Credit: Ane Crabtree/Recode
  • The Handmaid's costumes transcended the show and became a cultural phenomenon last year, being used by women across the world as a form of protest. Finally Recode & Ane Crabtree reveal how this iconic look was created...Full Story

WI St Journal: HMT V-Day Protest/Dance?

Photo Credit: Kate Edwards/WI State Journal
  • Blessed be the fruit and the flash mob as Handmaid's protestors in WI showed up on Valentines day to protest but also added a little something extra at the end...Full Story


Filmoria: Pre-Order Season 1 DVD/BluRay/Digital

Including Bonus Features!!!

Photo Credit: Amazon
  • March 5th will see the DVD/Blu Ray/Digital release for Season 1 of The Handmaid's Tale featuring Bonus Features!...Full Story

Newsweek: Will Season 2 Take Aunt Lydia To Her Dying Breath?!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Hey! Stop it. You're not supposed to say things like that. Is Ann Dowd foreshadowing something or playing the Season 2 hype woman...Full Story

ABC News: Handmaid's Writes Itself Into The Awards Book.

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk/Hulu/AP/ABCNews
  • BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE....Awards shows that is....and The Handmaid's Tale continues is amazing run of accolades at the Writes Guils Awards...Full Story

Business Day: Atwood Says To Raise Your Voice!

Photo Credit: MGM/Business Day
  • Speak up. Resist. Margaret said so!...Full Story

PaleyFest: Handmaid's Stars To Feature At PaleyFest 2018! Buy Tix!

Photo Credit: PaleyFest
  • PaleyFest is celebrating its 35th anniversary and stars of The Handmaid's Tale will be there to....bless the party? Purchas tickets to the Handmaids event HERE!
  • For more information on Paleyfest and all the star studded events it offers please read the ... Full Story

The Hindu: The Handmaid's Tale Just Works

Photo Credit: HULU
  • You know, someday we're gonna read an article about The Handmaid's Tale being completely far fetched and unbelievable....today is not that day...Full Story

Lehigh Valley Live: Atwood Set For Free Talk in Bethlehem!

  • Oh little town of Bethlehem...Pennsylvania...you are in for treat as Margaret Atwood is set to hit the town for a free speaking engagement...Full Story

InStyle: Madeline Brewer Sees Red...As A Good Thing.

Photo Credit: Emman Montalvan/Tack Artists Group/InStyle
  • Wanna take that Gilead inspired wardrobe to the next level? The Handmaid's Tale's own Madeline Brewer shows you how to wear red well...Full Story

Boston Globe: Moss To Take On Kennedy In Upcoming Film!

  • Just like awards shows, British dramas it seems like the well for content from the Kennedy family will never run dry and Elisabeth Moss is jumping head first...Full Story

Bloody Disgusting: Strahovski's "He's Out There" - First Look!

Photo Credit: Bloody Digusting/He'sOutThere
  • Yvonne Strahovski must love scaring and being scared because not only does she have Season 2 of Handmaid's coming up, but she's also in the upcoming Predator reboot AND a new horror movie called "He's Out there"...Full Story


Blog.WomenAndHollywood: Morano First Emmy/DGA Female Winner!

Morano: The Hollywood Reporter/ YouTube/Blog.Womenandhollywood
  • Reed Morano further cemented her status as a rising star and overall badass with her Directors Guild Award for Drama Series, making her the FIRST WOMAN to win the Emmy and DGA for directing!...Full Story

BrooklynNews: Samira Wiley In MLK Sermon Re-enactment.

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • Samira Wiley was in Brooklyn to help The Brooklyn Public Library kick off Black Historty month with a re-enactment of Dr. Martin Luther King's last sermon "The Drum Major Instinct"...Full Story

Hedgehog Film: Film Starring Brewer & Dowd Available NOW!

Photo Credit: Hedgehog Film
  • "Hedgehog" a new film starring Madelin Brewer and Ann Dowd from writer/director Lindsey Copeland is now available to purchase/rent online! Click a link to check it out on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime. Look for our interview with Lindsey Copleand soon!

BBC: Atwood Calls For Etiquette Rulebook

Photo Credit: BBC.com/Getty Images
  • Margaret Atwood has been at the center of a little contreversy lately as her recent takes on the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have faced backlash from some. In the wake of this experience she is calling for change in several areas...including etiquette...Full Story

Salon: Costa Rican Vote Brings Out The Handmaids!

Photo Credit: Salon.com/Sara Mata @MeLlamoSara (twitter)
  • Faced with a Presidential Election, who's front runner is a conservative Christian singer with some regressive views on women, some Costa Rican women chose to join the ranks of The Handmaid's Tale protestors as they took to the polls...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Atwood Talks HMT Money

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter/Getty Images
  • Many things would probably surprise you about 2017, or "the year of the Atwood" as we call it. One of them might be this revelation from Margaret Atwood about how much money she's made from The Handmaid's Tale TV show...Full Story



Photo Credit: HULU/Take Five
  • Digital Trends was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the Season Two premier episode in it's entirety! JEALOUS! They offer a spoiler free breakdown...Full Story

TV Guide: HMT Season 2 Looks At Emily's Backstory

Photo Credit: HULU
  • When last we saw Emily on HMT she was being driven away in a black van after driving a car over a guard's head. HMT Season Two will give us an update on the aftermath of that and give us a look into her past...Full Story

Irish Times: Margaret Atwood Taught Me About Women

Photo Credit: Michael O'Loughlin/Irish Times
  • The Irish Times writer Michael O'Loughlin pens an article discussing his discovery of Margarette Atwood years ago, what her work taugh him about women and meeting her in person after all these years...Full Story

Entertainment Weekly: HMT Wins At Art Directors Guild Awards

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Another week, another guild, another award. Congrats to Julie Berghoff and the HMT Production Design team for taking home an award at the Art Director Guild Awards...Full Story

Daily Texan: Handmaid's Tale Protest Group Profile

Photo Credit: Carlos Garcia | Daily Texan Staff
  • The Handmaid's Tale protest groups are now seen at events around the world, but one of the earliest groups to adopt HMT's look was from Texas. The Daily Texan profiles this group...Full Story

Tracking Board: Elisabeth Moss Smells Of Punk

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Tracking Board
  • Elisabeth is a punk rocker! Elisabeth is a punk rocker! Elisabeth is a punk rocker...noowwooowwwwww...Full Story

Vanity Fair: Kesha Goes Handmaid's Tale

Photo Credit: Gotham/GC Images.
  • Kesha fresh off her highly emotional and lauded performance on this pat week's Grammy Awards went a little HMT with her afterparty look, Vanity Fair investigates...Full Story

CBCNews: HMT Spikes Interest In Filming In Cambridge

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk/Hulu
  • As long as The Handmaid's Tale is a work of fiction it seems like it will actually help a city's reputation. CBCNews looks at the city Of Cambridge and it's bump in popularity for filming projects after HMT came to town...Full Story


Hollywood Reporter: MAJOR SPOILER! Cherry Jones Added To Cast!

Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris - © WireImage.com - Image courtesy WireImage.comPhoto Credit:
  • BIG SPOILER! READ ONLY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW! Cherry Jones will play a very critical role in HMT season 2 . Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive...Full Story

Washington Post: Atwood Pays Homage To Le Guin.

Photo Credit: Dan Tuffs—Getty Images
  • The world lost a legend when Ursula K. Le Guin passed away this past Monday. Margaret Atwood penned a peice memorializing the late author...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy Coming to TV

Photo Credit: Rosdiana Ciaravolo (Atwood); Courtesy of Anchor (Cover)
  • Margaret Atwood is not going anywhere and neither is her TV presence. After a very competitive bidding war her "MaddAddam" trilogy has found a home at the up and coming Paramount Network...Full Story

Television Post: AXN To Air HMT In India In February

Photo Credit: AXN Network
  • Look out India here comes The Handmaid's Tale! AXN will be airing the show starting in February...Full Story

Indulge: AXN Brings Bold Campaign For HMT To India

Photo Credit: IndulgeExpress
  • Indulge takes a look at the bold new marketing campaing from the network bringin HMT to India...Full Story

Deadline Hollywood: Atwood, RR Martin Booked For PBS

Photo Credit: Rex/Shutterstock/DeadlineHollywood
  • Margaret Atwood will be among the authors to discuss her favorite titles in a new PBS special...Full Story

Guardian: Atwood Declares She Is Not A Prophet

Photo Credit: The Guardian
  • Margaret Atwood wants you to start paying attention to the world around you now...Full Story

Bleeding Cool: AngelCatbird Gets Audio Drama Treatment

Photo Credit: Bleeding Cool
  • Atwood fans will soon be able to enjoy her work in a completely different kind of way as AngelCatbird will be recorded as an audio drama for Audible...Full Story

Toronto Star: Atwood, Polley Push For Shelter Beds

  • Margaret Atwood is lending her name and considerable celebrity to a very good cause...Full Story


GoldDerby: HMT Wins Best Drama At PGA’s!

Photo Credit: Jordan Streiss/Invasion/AP/Rex/Shutterstock
  • More awards for HULU and The Handmaid’s Tale took home the award for Best Drama Series...Full Story

Windsor Star: Handmaid's Tale Returns to Bravo Canada in April

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Canada, you have a date! A date with Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale on Bravo...Full Story

GoldDerby: SAG Award Reactions

Photo Credit: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock
  • Well, you can't win them all and Gold Derby analyzes the winners and losers from this past weekend's SAG Awards...Full Story

Daily Mail: Wiley & Morelli Grace the SAG Awards

Photo Credit: Daily Mail/Getty Images
  • The internet loves Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, and from they way they rocked it on the red carpet this weekend we don't think that love's going to stop any time soon...Full Story

Romper: No SAG Award For Moss. Twitter Unthrilled.

Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
  • She didn't win. She. Didn't. Win.....(angry face emoji)...Full Story

People: Minghella Reveals The Casts Go To Karaoke Jam

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Max Mighella gave us a little peak behind the curtain when he revealed how the HMT cast --shakes off-- the dark tone of the show...Full Story

JustJared: HMT On The Red Carpet At SAGs

Photo Credit: JustJared.com

Just Jared takes a look at Elisabeth Moss' red carpet look at the SAGs...Full Story

EW: Drag Race Does HMT Spoof!

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly/RuPaul's Drag Race
  • For the All Stars of Ru Paul's Drag Race Gilead is a special kind of hell...Full Story

Guardian: Where Are The Lit Awards For The Women!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Margaret Atwood certainly had a stellar year, and female authors are certainly having a great year, but The Guardian wants to know...where are all the awards?...Full Story

People: Joseph Fiennes Hits Red Carpet, Talks Season 2

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Joseph Fiennes is so hatable on screen, so it's good that he's nice to us in public and teases cool things about season 2...Full Story

Daily Mail: Brewer Says Jonas Just A Friend

  • Madeline Brewer has invoked the Biz Markie defense when it comes to her recently reported dinner out with a Jonas brother...Full Story

Cosmo: Strahovski's "Predator" A Horror Film To Watch For

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Yvonne Strahovski will be co-starring in Shane Black's "Predator" and Cosmo has the breakdown...Full Story

Mayday: Season 2 Trailer Shot by Shot Breakdown!

  • The Season 2 Teaser Trailer is chocked full of The Handmaid's Tale's blend of beautiful, disturbing imagery. We broke it down frame by frame to get a closer look (sample scene up top). Click here to check out the FULL breakdown!


Photo Credit: HULU
  • We can't even type a description for this, only proceed if you want to know a MAJOR SPOILER for Season 2...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Reed Morano In A Galaxy Far Far Away?!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Reed Morano the visionary director of The Handmaid's Tale's first three episodes talks with The Hollywood Reporter about what's next...Full Story

Bustle: The Epilogue Holds HMT's True Darkness

Photo Credit: Bustle.com
  • One of the most underappreciated aspects of The Handmaid's Tale is the epilogue in which much more information is revealed about Gilead. Bustle explains why this is where you will find the true darkness of the story...Full Story

TVInsider: GLAAD Award Nom For HMT!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Congratulations to The Handmaid's Tale team as they have been nominated for "Best Drama Series" for the 2018 GLAAD Awards given to those that fairly and accurately portray members of the LGBTQ community...Full Story


EW: Effects Of Season One Loom Large

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Entertainment Weekly has a brief snippet about how the effects of the events from season one will loom large for many of the characters in season 2...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Ann Dowd Has Five Films At Sundance!

  • Congrats Ann Dowd for riding this wave of success! She will have a whopping five films screening at this years Sundance Film Festival..Full Story

PureWow: More Season 2 Info Drops

Photo Credit: HULU
  • First they teased the release month, then they released images, and now we've gotten a teaser trailer & some casting news. But wait there's more...Full Story!

NME: Miller Said How Many Years?!!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • Well, if you didn't read the previous article, lets just say you're in for a shock. NME Takes Bruce Miller at his word and gives their opinion on the matter...Full Story

T&C: HMT Season 2. What We Know As Of Now

Photo Credit: HULU
  • The Season 2 info has been coming fast and furious so the folks over at Town and Country have kindly put a breakdown of everything we know so far...Full Story

E!: Tomei Is On Board Because Of Moss.

Photo Credit: Hulu; John Lamparski/WireImage/E!
  • One of the most recent juicy bits of info for Season 2 is that awad winning actress Marisa Tomei would be joining the cast, specifically in the colonies, but HOW did she end up on the show?...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Samira Wiley Talks Honor At NAACP's

Photo Credit: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images/Hollywood Reporter
  • Samira Wiley was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for her portrayal of Moira in HMT. Hollywood Reporter caught up with her on the red carpet ...Full Story

Variety: Margaret Atwoods #MeToo Backlash

  • Variety is weighing on Margaret Atwood and the backlash she's received over her opinions regarding the #MeToo movement and her subsequent "Am I a Bad Feminist" Op-Ed regarding the backlash...Full Story

ET Canada: HMT Filming Turns Toronto Into Dystopia

Photo Credit: Photo: Gil Meslin/ETCanada
  • The Handmaid's Tale's second season has been in full production in Toronto. Entertainment Tonight Canada has some candid shots and stories from some local residents that are seeing some strange new sights around town...Full Story

JustJared: Samira Glams It Up At NAACP Image Awards

Photo Credit: JustJared.com
  • Take a look at Samira Wiley and her fellow nominees as they bring their best to the NAACP Image Awards red carpet...Full Story

GoldDerby: SAG Award Predicitions

  • The Screen Actors Guild Noms were released and Gold Derby looks at HMT's chances in the category of Drama Ensemble...Full Story

IndieWire: This Just In, Ane Crabtree Is A Great Interview!

Photo Credit: Roy Hurst
  • If you get tired of reading or hearing us talk about how AMAZING our interview with Handmaid's Tale Costume Designer Ane Crabtree was (listen to the interview here) ...TOO BAD...because not only is she an amazing interview, but we're not the only one's that think so...Full Story

VOGUE: Buy A Golden Globes Dress or Tux!

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Vogue
  • The black dresses & tuxes from the Golden Globes are going to be doing some more good. You can buy your very own dress/tux for a good cause...Full Story


HULU: HMT Season 2 First Look Trailer!

  • The Season 2 Images and news is flying in a breakneck speed! Here is the first look at Season 2 from HULU! See video above or here on YouTube...Full Story

CNN: Premier Date Set For HMT Season 2!

Photo Credit; HULU/YouTube
  • Fresh off their awards season successes HULU has been dropping all kinds of Season 2 news, notes, and looks. Now they've given us a release date...Full Story

Marie Claire: Exclusive Season 2 Preview & Secrets!

Photo Credit: HULU
  • HOLY JEALOUSY BATMAN! As we all (not at all) patiently wait for April so Season 2 can get here, Mehera Bonner at Marie Claire took an EXCLUSIVE trip to the set in Toronto for an exclusive look at the filming of season 2 and came away with some great info, photos, and secrets (SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!) ... Full Story

ET Canada: Atwood Pens Bad Feminist Op-Ed.

Photo Credit: Keystone Press/ET
  • Margaret Atwood created a bit of controversy with her take and concerns about the #MeToo movement. Now she's released an op-ed to address it...Full Story

iTunes: "Hedghog" Starring Dowd & Madeline Brewer on iTunes!

Photo Credit: Hedgehog Film IMDB
  • Handmaid's Tale stars Madeline Brewer (Janine) & Ann Dowd (Aunt Lydia) co star in a fantastic new indie-film from director Lindsey Copeland comes "Hedgehog" and it's now available on iTunes! PLUS! Purchase now through February 6th 2018 and receive a special surprise from the filmmakers! Just email your receipt of purchase (be sure to block out any personal info like credit card numbers) to hedgehogmovie@gmail.com by midnight PDT on Feb 6th 2018 to receive your surprise!....Full Story

ET: Marissa Tomei Enters HMT Season 2!

Photo Credit: ET/Getty Images
  • Add Oscar Winner Marisa Tomei to the growing list of the cast of The Handmaid's Tale Season 2! Her role is being kept secret but she'll be featured in...Full Story

Deadline: Crabtree Nominated for Costume Designers Guild Award!

Photo Credit: LA Weekly
  • Ane Crabtree is a bad ass, and the creator of the costume heard round the world with her work on The Handmaid's Tale. Now she's being recongnized with more award nominations....Full Story

US News: On The Run With Offred In Season 2!

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • The Van doors will open on April 25th...and we'll be off and running. US News talks to Moss about being on the run and Season 2's examination of motherhood...Full Story

LA Times: Ann Dowd Looks Ahead To Post Weinstein Era

Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss / Associated Press/ LA Times
  • In our famously lost interview with Handmaid's Tale star Ann Dowd she told us that anyone at Weinsten Corp who knew about the crimes of Harvey Weinstein and failed to report should drive themselves to jail. Now she speaks to the relief of the Post-Weinstein era...Full Story

SFGate: Colonies Teased By Bruce Miller

Photo Credit: HULU/YouTube
  • The Colonies being part of Season 2 was something that Bruce Miller revealed some time ago. Now showrunner Miller teases more...Full Story

TMZ: HMT's Fagbenle Cheers Trump's Cancellation

Photo Credit: TMZ.com
  • TMZ caught up with O-T Fanbenle this week and got his hot take on the recent decision by Donald Trump to cancel his planned trip to London...Full Story

Mashable: HTM Had MAGA First!?

Photo Credit: HULU
  • You've heard it everywhere for the last 2 years, you've seen it on hats, t-shirts, posters but did you know that HMT almost made America "great again" first?!...Full Story

US Today: Miller Says We're Already In Atwood's World

Photo Credit: HULU
  • It's been a hotly debated topic since The Handmaid's Tale hit the screen and sparked a firestorm of debate as to how closely we're creeping to our own version of Gilead. Bruce Miller discussed it with US Today and says we're already there...Full Story

LA Times: Dowd & New HMT Cast Member Duvall Geek Out

Photo Credit: Jesse Goddard / Los Angeles Times
  • HMT's Ann Dowd and newest cast member Clea DuVall were really geeking out over the process...of the making of the Screen Actors Guild Statuettes...Full Story

AOL: Madeline Brewer Spotted W/Nick Jonas

Photo Credit: AOL.com/Getty Images
  • Ok, a little gossip to close out the update. AOL reports that HMT's Madeline Brewer was spotted out with Nick Jonas on the night of the Critics Choice Awards...Full Story


New York Times: Recy Taylor Profile

Photo Credit: Susan Walsh/Associated Press
  • During her rousing Golden Globes speech Oprah Winfrey touched briefly on the story of Recy Taylor, who's rape in 1944 was an early catalyst for the modern civil rights movement. Mrs Taylor passed away in December and The New York Times published a profile detailing her life, and the impact of her case...Full Story

Los Angeles Times: Oprah Leads Night Of Women at Globes

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times
  • Whether she runs for president or not Oprah was definitely in command of the 2018 Golden Globes as she and the women of Hollywood announced that #TimesUp...Full Story

CHCH: Margaret Atwood's Impact Felt At Globes

Photo Credit: CHCH
  • While Margaret Atwood did not personally attend The Golden Globes, CHCH details how her presence was felt nonetheless...Full Story

Hollywood Reporter: Moss Talks Season 2 & Globes Wins!

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • Not a big deal, just Elisabeth Moss talking about season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale...Full Story

The New York Times: Golden Globes Speech Transcripts

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • It was a night chocked full of empowering and inspiring speeches and The New York Times has a collection of the top Globes Speeches in print...Full Story

NY Daily News: The Handmaid's Tale - Right Show At The Right Time

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • Has there been a more unebelievably timely show than The Handmaid's tale? Elisabeth Moss talks about the shows timing...Full Story

Variety: Moss Dedicates Win to Margaret Atwood

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • It made for one of the many beautfiul moments during the Golden Globes. Elisabeth Moss dedicated her best actress win to Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood who couldn't attend due to health concerns...Full Story

Los Angeles Times: HMT Would Love More Female Directors.

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • As the echo of Natalie Portman announcing "The All Male Nominations" for best director ring in our ears The Los Angeles times spoke with HMT showrunner Bruce Miller discussed his problem with hiring more female directors...Full Story

The Mary Sue: Hollywood Handmaid's Protest Outside Globes

Photo Credit: Twitter: @HHandmaids
  • The actresses and activists dressed in black as part of the #TimesUp movement had some great company outside of the ceremony...Full Story

Deadline: Miller, Littlefield & Moss Talk Globes Win & Season 2!

Photo Credit: Deadline.com/Rex/Shutterstock
  • Fresh off their win for Best Drama Series, Deadline caught up with Handmaid's Tale showrunner Bruce Miller, Executive Producer Warren Littlefield, & Elisabeth Moss backstage for reaction & just liiiiitle season 2 talk...Full Story

The New York Times: Dowd & Strahovski Talk Sexism in Hollywood

Photo Credit: New York Times
  • The New York Times was on the red carpet and the topics of sexism and harrassment were front and center with HMT's Ann Dowd and Yvonne Strahovski both weighing in...Full Story

The New York Times: Moss Parties With Carey, Witherspoon After Globes

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lippman for the New York Times
  • Just because we're jealous that we weren't invited, heres the New York Times running down the post Globes party with Moss, Witherspoon and Mariah Carey...Full Story

Guardian: HMT & BLL Cap Wins Were Needed

Photo Credit: Guardian
  • The Hollywood Foreign Press' reputation proceeded it and while many wondered if the show would be able to rise to the gravity of the events that surrounded it the Guardian details how the night met expectations with Handmaid's Tale & Big Little Lies out front...Full Story


Hollywood Reporter: Atwood Skipping Globes Due to Family/Health.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
  • Margaret Atwood has released a letter stating that she will not be attending the Golden Globe awards this weekend due to family/health concerns...Full Story

Variety: Handmaid's Tale Gets Producer Guild Nominations!

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • 'Tis the season to be nominated and The Handmaid's tale continues to be recognized for it's greatness. Variety looks at the nominees for the Producers Guild Awards (Click here to listen to our interview with HMT Executive Producer Warren Littlefield!)...Full Story

US: Should The Handmaid's Tale Win?

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • The Golden Globes are just around the corner and US Weekly goes a step beyond by not only tellings us who they think will win, but also who they think SHOULD win...Full Story

PopSugar: What Will Elisabeth Moss Wear to Globes?

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar/Getty / Jason LaVeris
  • With award season comes the inevitable critique of the clothing worn by the stars on the red carpet. With Elisabeth Moss' shoes making the headlines at the Emmy's this past fall you never know what to expect from her, but PopSugar thinks it has a good idea of what she'll wear...Full Story

Moneyish: What's In The Bags!

  • Moneyish.com has a fun story about something that gets a lot of attention during awards season....those awesome goodie bags that the stars get...Full Story


Guardian: Atwood Made Impact On Fashion In 2017!

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • The Guardian takes a look at The Handmaid's Tale and Alias Grace and the how Margaret Atwood's two adaptations and their costumes left a mark on the fashion world in 2017 (Listen to our interview with Handmaid's Tale Costume Designer Ane Crabtree!)...Full Story

Pink News: Samira Wiley Posts Wedding Photos!

Photo Credit: WhoDatLikeDat Instagram
  • Can't get enough of Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli? You're not alone and there's some new pics of their wedding fresh from Samira Wiley's Instagram...Full Story

Mirror: Black Mirror Season Includes Madeline Brewer

  • Black Mirror is back for another season of sunshine, rainbows and happiness and this season The Handmaid's Tale's own Madeline Brewer is featured in an episode...Full Story

PRI: Atwood Discusses Inspiration for HMT

  • This is an older story but still worth a read and a listen for new fans or those that haven't heard about Mary Webster one of the inspirations for Margaret Atwood writing The Handmaid's Tale. Hear her discuss it...Full Story

Collider: Samira Wiley Co-Star Ryan Hansen Talks Ryan Hansen

Image Via: YouTubeRed
  • Samira Wiley is currently co-starring with Ryan Hansen on his new show for YouTubeRed. He sat down with Collider to discuss the new show...Full Story

The Independent: Golden Globe Predictions!

  • Awards season kicks off soon with the Golden Globes! How much hardware will The Handmaid's Tale take home? The Independent has their predictions...Full Story

Gold Derby: Will HMT Take The Crown?

  • The Crown took home the Globe for Best Drama last year. Will it repeat or will The Handmaid's Tale be adding some Globes to it's Emmy take...Full Story

Bookseller: What Book Did Atwood Call "A Must Read" in 2017

  • Bookseller breaks down the year in books for 2017 and it includes a book that Margaret Atwood called a "Must Read" ... Full Story

USA Today: 10 Shows To Watch While You Wait For HMT Season 2

Photo: Jeff Daly/FX
  • Well, you can't just sit around staring at the wall until season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale premiers in April, so you might as well watch some good TV while you wait...Full Story

Detroit Free Press: Women Roared in 2017!

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk
  • Women rose up to have their voices heard in 2017 (lets keep it up in 2018!) and the Detroit Free Press breaks it all down...Full Story

Updated: 12.20.17

Guardian: Strahovski & Brewer Talk HMT

  • Sirena Joy and Janine sat down and no one lost an eye! Handmaid's Tale stars Yvonne Strahovski & Madeline Brewer spoke with the Guardian to talk about bringing the world of Gilead to life for Season 1...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

E! : Samira & Morelli Plan First Married Christmas

  • E! caught up with newlyweds Samira Wiley and Laruen Morelli to talk about their plans for their first Christmas as a married couple..Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Hidden Remote: Moss Among TV's Best Actresses in 2017

  • Elisabeth Moss is just living on the blessed fruit these days. She makes yet another year end "best" list as Hiddenremote.com counts down the best actresses of 2017...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Guardian: What Did HMT Teach Us in 2017?

  • Fantastic article here from The Guardian that breaks down the 2017 TV landscape month by month with a lesson learned from each month...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Vulture: TV Takes Us Into The Darkness

  • With so many outlets and avenues available to bring ideas to light in TV, 2017 was ripe for even the darkest of ideas to emerge and make an impact. The Handmaid's Tale stands out but is not alone as Vulture explores the shows that cast a dark shadow on our TV screens...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk


Hollywood Reporter: Olgana Paris Hot On Heels Of Moss

  • Apparently when Elisabeth Moss wears your shoes with a not so subtle message on the soles, people take notice. The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at how Olgana Paris took that attention and ran with it...Full Story
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Hollywoodreporter.com

Daily Mail: Samira Wiley & Wife in Bloom

  • Samira Wiley and her wife Lauren Morelli are one of the best celebrity couples out there. Daily Mail covers their head turning appearance at the NAACP Image Award nomination...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Ofkens Tale: Blessed Be the Tree

  • Our unabashed love for "Ofkens Tale", the creation that mashes up The Handmaid's Tale with Barbie , is well documented and is not lessened by this amazing new post on Instagram. Do yourself a favor and follow...Full Story
Photo Credit: Ofkens Tale (instagram)

The Columbian: HMT Among 2017's 10 Best

  • More well deserved accolades roll in for The Handmaid's Tale. The Columbian sifts through the overwhelming amount of TV from 2017 and counts Handmaid's Tale among it's ten best...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

News Miner: Books & Politics 2017

  • Politics seemed to permiate into every facet of life in 2017 and the most read books reflect exactly that. News Miner dives into how the political landscape effected what we read in 2017...Full Story


Buzzfeed: HMT Failed Women of Color

  • One nearly universal criticism of The Handmaid's Tale (this podcast included) was how it addressed (or didn't) the issue of race within the society of Gilead. Buzzfeed looks at HMT and "The Bold Type" as two shows that were strong on feminism but failed women of color...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Guardian: "Books That Made Me A Feminist."

  • Margaret Atwood has inspired many people to become feminists, but what books inspired it for her? The Guardian talks to her and other female authors to see what books led them to feminism...Full Story
Photo Credit: Mark Hill Photography

Time Magazine: Atwood/Moss Among Best Portraits

  • Time Magazine has a bit of a reputation for it's covers and portraits being kind of a big deal. So it's pretty cool to see Margaret Atwood and Elisabeth Moss make their best of list for 2017...Full Story

Hollwood Reporter: Hillary calls HMT "Amazing."

  • Hillary Clinton, speaking with comedian/actress/bad ass Jessica Williamsat the Girls Build L.A. Leadership Summit, through out a little love for The Handmaid's Tale and other shows that she's watched this year. ...Full Story
Photo Credit: Getty Images

UPROXX: HMT Named "Best New Show" in Poll.

Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Over at UPROXX they just released their year end TV critics poll and HMT came out on top for the best new show of 2017 (no arguments from us). Check out what other shows made the list and topped the rest of the categories. Lets just say Ann Dowd still has plenty to love about this year...Full Story

The Irish Times: HMT Among Favs In Annual "Ticket Awards."

  • So many polls and awards....plenty of time to read about them all. The Irish Times "Ticket Awards" are out and The Handmaid's Tale has once again proven to be popular in Ireland....Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

LA Times: 2017 - A Big Year For Women!

  • Women made their presence felt this year on TV and beyond. The Los Angeles times breaks down all the ways women impacted 2017...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

The Atlantic: HMT Makes List Of 2017 - 24 Best TV Episodes.

  • With a million bajillion TV shows in production in 2017 I'm amazed that someone can boil a list down to the 24 best episodes of the year. Did they watch all the shows? When did they sleep? Are they robots...don't answer that...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

TBNewsWatch.com: Magaret Atwood On Her Way To Thunder Bay!

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario residents will get a chance to see the woman herself when Margaret Atwood visits on January 10th...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk


Entertainment Weekly: Bruce Miller Interview

  • Blessed be the fruit! On the heels of The Handmaid's Tale's three Golden Globe nominations, Entertainment Weekly talks to showrunner Bruce Miller about the shows continued success, season 2 news & Ann Dowd saying "HULU.... Full Story
Photo Credit: HULU

Rolling Stone: Jenna Scherer puts HMT in theTop 10 !

  • 'Tis the season for year end lists and polls! Rolling Stone has asked 10 of their writers to pick a few of their favorite TV episodes from 2017. Jenna Scherer relays her favorite HMT episode...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

CNN: SAG Award Nominees - Full List feat. Elisbaeth Moss!

  • The weather gets colder but awards season is just heating up! Hot on the tails of the Golden Globe noms comes the Screen Actors Guild nominations and once again Elisabeth Moss makes the list. CNN breaks down the full list of 2017's nominations...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Variety: Golden Globe Noms & Win Predictions!

  • The Handmaid's Tale is once again being recognized with nonimation after nomination this award season. With the next major award ceremony being the Golden Globes, Variety breaks down all nominations (inlcluding HMT's three!) and predicts the winners for each...Full Story
Photoo Credit: HULU

LA Times: HTM helped make TV interesting in 2017

  • In our three part interview with HMT Executive Producer Warren Littlefield (click here to hear the interview) he declared that we are living in the "platinum age of television." He is also told us that there were over 400 scripted series on TV last year! Wow. The Los Angeles times breaks down how HMT & others made 2017 an interesting year for TV viewers...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

Variety: HMT Among Book Adapations Nom's for TV Globes!

  • It was an amazing year for book to tv/movie adaptations. Variety takes a look at the the many adapted Golden Globe nominees from the TV side, and the not so many from the movie side...Full Story
Photo Credit: George Kraychyk

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