Movimiento ambiental guardianes por la vida Villeta - Colombia

The environmental AND CLIMATE organization 'GUARDIANS for life' (guardianes por la vida) is a group of young activists seeking to promote awareness about caring for the planet.

guardianes por la vida was established in Villeta, a town located 2 hours away from bogota, the capital city of colombia.

The group campaigns against fracking practices, animal testing, single-use plastics. they support parks cleanup and held climate strikes in the main plaza of villeta to support environmental awareness.

They hope their movement grows, inspiring more people to care for the planet, ADRESS THE CLIMATE CRISIS and defend the environment.

FRancisco javier vera, aN ELEVEN-year-old member of the `movimiento ambiental guardianes por la vida', spoke during a senate plenary in december 2019.

During his intervention, he called on all senators to legislate for life and sustainable development.

'I came today representing my group to request all of us to do something about the environmental damage we are causing, you and me' - said Francisco javier vera in the senate.
Francisco has also presented the groups' recommendations on environmental issues to the Social Political Council of Villeta.


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