Aids and HIV Boston and ethan m

Informal Supports: The At Risk Support Group is a group that allows you to describe what is going on in your life and help you on your way. The Circle of Courage Group is a group for HIV positive mothers to come together and help each other get through their tough times.

Formal Supports: You can get tested for HIV/Aids at your family doctor, a walk in clinic, or the sexual health clinic at 2110 Hamilton Street. There are also many medicines that your doctors are able to prescribe for you, most of them are antirevialtrovials (ARTs) which just "put the virus to sleep" allowing you body's immune system to get stronger and help fight off the virus.

Supports that could/should be in place: Some supports that we think should be in place are some more educational programs for people to learn about the diseases and how to cope with them. Also, the government should put more money towards research equipment so they can try to find a permanent cure. The money could also help pay the people that are working towards a cure.


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