The Lakes School News Issue 8 June 2021

Welcome to our latest issue of The Lakes School News. We have now settled on this mobile and desktop friendly newsletter which we know will please parents who responded so positively to Issue 7. We will soon be sharing a summary of our recent school communications survey so keep an eye on your emails!

PE Kit! Quick reminder to all students that from Monday 7th June 2021, you need to come to school in your normal uniform every day and bring your PE kit with you to change in to at the start of your PE lesson. Thank you.

A Fond Farewell

On Friday 28th May 2021, we said a fond and tearful farewell to our Year 11 and Year 13 students who have been amazing ambassadors for the school throughout a challenging 12 months. They have faced more uncertainty and turbulence than they could have ever foreseen and yet they have approached it all with the resilience, warmth and good humour that you would expect from Lakes School students.

We enjoyed a lovely final week with our Year 11 and Year 13 students which culminated in two lovely slideshows of photo memories - thank you to all of the students who sent in photos. The link for both videos can be found below.

The Year 13 students started at The Lakes School in September 2014 and were the first Year 6 cohort to send handwritten letters to Mr Cunningham during the summer before starting at The Lakes. Seven years on, it was a lovely moment to reunite some of the Year 13 students with their original letters. Many Year 11 students also enjoyed revisiting the letters they had sent during the summer of 2016.

Photo, letters, conversations - their last week of school has been full of fond memories. The staff have been particularly impressed by the way our students have approached the end of term. Year 13 sent Samuel Hodgson out to collect pizza on Wednesday afternoon for a final lunch together and Year 11 enjoyed a last day of PE with an inspiring and emotional trip down memory lane from the PE team. If that wasn't enough, Lisa Morton organised the traditional front of school photo and had it printed on to lovely cards so that Year 13 students could collect farewell messages from friends and staff. And on their final lesson of Year 11, Dr Rigby and the science team organised an afternoon of rounders and softball on the field.

We wish our Year 11 and Year 13 leavers every happiness and success for the future and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures in the years to come.

Year 11 were desperate to launch planes from the tiered seating which has become their home since September 2021 - they happily cleared up afterwards!
A fond farewell to our Year 13 students

Our Unique History

The Lakes School has a unique history dating back well before the school was opened in 1965. Click the link below to view a short video about our amazing history. At this time of the year, our Year 9 students normally welcome Arek Hersh who talks about his life and experiences of The Holocaust. Arek was unable to visit this year but Mrs Metcalfe organised a screening of The Windermere Children and a series of activities to ensure that our Year 9 students cover this important part of our curriculum.

Thanks to Mrs Metcalfe for the article below…

On Friday 21st May, Year 9 were invited to a special showing of ‘The Windermere Children’ in the school hall. We’ve been studying World War 2 and the Holocaust this term and showing the film helped tie it to our local history. The film follows the story of a group of child survivors of the Holocaust who come to Britain in 1945 to recuperate in the Lake District.

300 Children were brought to the Calgarth Estate, Windermere, as part of a project created and run by Leonard Montefiore. The project was staffed with forward-thinking psychologists and allowed an extraordinary amount of freedom for these children who were so used to being controlled.

The History Department would usually invite one of the surviving children, Arek Hersh to school at this point in the term to talk to the students. Speaking with a Holocaust survivor is a powerful way to understand the events and personal experiences of those persecuted by the Nazis. However, we haven’t been able to invite Mr Hersh this year due to the pandemic.

Year 9 watched in rapt silence, linking their learning to the stories being told. In the lessons after the showing the quantity of questions asked about it was really lovely to see as they had clearly thought deeply about the experiences of the children.

More information can be found via the link below and the film is available on Amazon Prime.

Lateral Flow Device Tests

We continue to receive deliveries of Lateral Flow Device Tests and with the recent increase in coronavirus cases across the country, it is more important than ever that we all continue to test ourselves twice a week. Nationally, there has been a decline in the number of secondary school children reporting the results form their LFD tests and so we thank you for ensuring that your child takes a test on a Sunday and also on a Wednesday or a Thursday each week. We will be reiterating this message to students after half term.

The first half of the summer term has passed by without any positive cases and this is fantastic. However, the same was true in the first half of the autumn term and we then had a succession of student cases in November and December. Please ensure that your child completes a LFD test on Sunday 6th June or before leaving for school on Monday 7th June so that we can prevent the virus from coming in to school. I am sure you will agree that it would be very sad to see a return to sending year groups home during June and July when we have all waited so long to enjoy a summer term at The Lakes School.

Boxes of LFD tests are available for students to collect every lunchtime and we all thank you for your support in keeping The Lakes School virus free.

The summer ahead...

Just a quick note to let you know that we continue to keep our risk assessment arrangements and school events under constant review at a time when infection rates are rising nationally. We are well versed in planning for uncertainty and we will always respond calmly and sensibly to any national or local changes with regard to the spread of coronavirus. We dearly hope that all of our planned summer events will go ahead but we will not be taking any unnecessary risks. As always, thank you for your understanding when we have to make short notice changes to our plans.


Student attendance has improved since September 2020 which is great news! Here's a quick summary...

For the summer term, congratulations go to Brathay 2 for the highest tutor group attendance with 96.8% and also to Mr Hardy's Sixth Form tutor group with the highest attendance of 96.4%.

For the academic year so far, congratulations go to Rothay 2 with the highest tutor group attendance of 96.2% and again to Mr Hardy's Sixth Form tutor group with an overall year attendance of 96.5%.

Students continue to receive a merit for each week of 100% attendance and the merits can be used to purchase items form the school merit shop or to build up credits for the end of term Amazon voucher awards. Click the link below to visit the attendance page of our website...

The Lakes School Badges

During lockdown in the summer fo 2020, Miss Harris developed The Lakes School Badges which are a fantastic addition to our school awards programme. Many students have already applied for and been awarded their badges which reward students for their achievements in sport, creativity, the environment and the community. Click the link below to find out more information...

We look forward to the return of our merit themes during next half term

One more thing...

The Lakes School continues to be an increasingly popular choice of secondary school for local families, and also for families moving in to the area. During the last 12 months, not has been our pleasure to welcome 18 children to the school and we look forward to 3 new students joining us on 7th June 2021. In addition, we are delighted to be extending a warm welcome to 81 Year 6 children who join us in September.

We know that local families play a huge part in celebrating the work we do at The Lakes School and, for that, the staff and governors at The Lakes School would like to say a huge thank you!

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