Saturn/Jupiter By Jackson

Jupiter facts

Jupiter is one of the biggest planets in the Solar System.

Jupiter cannot become a star.

Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in the Solar System.

You can see Jupiter with your own eyes.

The clouds on Jupiter are 50km thick.

Jupiter has been traveled to 7 times.

Jupiter has 67 moons.

Saturn facts

Saturn has been visited 4 times.

Saturn has 62 moons.

Sometimes Saturn's rings disappear.

The first astronomers thought the rings were moons.

Saturn is the least dense plant in the Solar System.

Saturn is a flattened ball cause it spins so fast on its axis


They both orbit the sun

They both have color bands, rings, and moons

Saturn's color band is Pure Gold

Jupiter's color bands are orange and white

Both have gas giants

Both don't have solid ground

You can see both with your eyes


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