The grave digger By: Giancarlo Grijalva

Michelle is a private detective that is a tough person. She is blond with sparking eyes. She has a scar in her left hand. She prefers to work alone to get the job done. She will take kind cases even if they are from the poor. She do anything to keep the streets clean. Everyday she has a new come in, and she gets it done. But not all of them get solved, for that she takes it harsh. Today, it’s a slow day, not a single case has come to her. Until she was about to leave for the day, a lady came in complaining that the police won’t help her. Michelle was about to tell her that she should come back the next day, but the lady said it involved the Grave Digger.

Michelle's Office

Michelle’s worst enemy, the Grave Digger buries people alive. The Grave Digger only leaves 24 hours of oxygen whoever is buried alive. The problem with that is the Grave Digger doesn’t tell you where he/she is buried, but there is a way to find he/she. In exchange of knowledge of where they’re buried, you have to give the certain amount of money. The only way you know how much money and where to send it is in a voicemail he/she sends. If you pay the amount you will receive the location of the person buried. But if you don’t that person will die. So far the identity of the Grave Digger is unknown. The Grave Digger has army of the worst criminals. The cases that Michelle fails it involves the Grave Digger.

Her son was kidnapped and received a voice message in her phone. The lady grabbed her phone and played the voice message. “If you want to see your son again, give me 4000 dollars and send it to this bank account number 153218462. You have 24 hours don’t waste your time.” the voicemail said. The lady begged for her help. Michelle could say no, because she has been tracking the Grave Digger for many years. She looked at the time the voicemail was received. It was received at 9pm and it is currently 12am. She know that she only has 22 hours before the boy runs out of oxygen. She starts by going to her lab, and figure out where is the Grave Digger now. By listening to the background of the voicemail. The Grave Digger choose the wrong family because they don’t have that kind of money. As she is listening the voicemails background, she knew that the Grave Digger was near the beach. She knew that the Grave Digger’s first mistake. You never leave a voicemail when you are at the beach. She started researching for beaches near the city. There is only one beach in her city, and this she is going to catch the Grave Digger.

She gets in the car, with 12 hours left, heading straight for the beach. The beach it's filled with people, so how is she going to find the Grave Digger? No one knows who is the Grave Digger. Then it hits her the Grave Digger has to be the one who hides their face. Nobody wears a mask on the beach, but the Grave Digger will. The Grave Digger will do anything to make sure no recognizes them. She searches the beach looking for anybody who is hiding their face. Then she sees someone running from her, and that individual has mask on. She chases him all through the beach until she jumps on the person. She pulls the mask off, and is surprised to see who is the Grave Digger.

It was her old best friend, Mack. she hasn’t seen him in 20 years. The only question she is, “You are the Grave Digger, Mack?”. Then he revealed why he is the Grave Digger. They would always hang out together. They would work together in the,as partners, police force.After she left to become a private detective, his career went downhill. He lost his house, and he owned the bank a lot of money. He was poor until he a plan to do a kidnapping with a ransom. He bury people alive, so he can get money. When Michelle found out about these cases, he went to start hiring criminals to go after her.

She ask where was the kid, and Mack knew he was going to jail. He just gave her the location. With 4 hours left, she called the police to dig up the kid. They took Mack went to jail, and his army started to fall apart. Michelle started to think what she could of done to avoid all of this, but just accepted it. She continue on her job, and she knew that she did the right thing. She got the job done that all it matter to her.


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