Rattlesnake Season 2021

Heirloom pole bean

Seed source OSC 2021

Vines can grow up to 8ft (2.5m)

I sowed the seeds in two locations, both along a fence. One in full sun and the other in part shade. The vines produced more where the sun does not reach directly until afternoon.

The vines in full sun shared a bed with calypso and serengeti beans. Last year, cucumbers grew in this then freshly made bed.

The other vines grew along the fence behind the Britt Mary Crawford shrub. This part of the fence is less visited by the chipmunks and birds. Are they the reason for the difference in harvest? Not sure.

Another plausible reason, the extreme temperatures of this season. In part shade, the vines did not dry out as quickly.

According to the seed packet, they mature in 65 days. In my garden it took 81 days.

Created By
Joanne Mckinnon