Greece Kacey

Beautiful places like this attract tourist and brings more money to Greece.
Greece is mainly full of mountains and is a peninsular mainland . This is the ancient City of Delphi that held the Temple of Apollo.It was made in 4th c. B.C. by two legendary architects called Trophonios and Agamedes. Apollo was one of the many gods they worshiped. This ancient building along with many others is a large part of the Greek history.
Greece is closest to Montengro ,Cyprus, and Bulgaria
The population is a mixture of Muslims, Roman Catholics and Jewish.
Their launguge is Greek and is recorded to be used back to 34 centuries. The launguge camefrom Greece, western and northeastern Asia Minor
Moussaka is a oven-baked layered dish,with grounded meat and eggplant casserole, topped with a custard which is then browned in the oven.
Greece plays football.Or "Soccer".Greek Football started in 1866,
The music in Greece has variety because of influences of Asia and Europe.
The greek's dance is called Dionysian and is known for being quite entergetic
Greeks musical Instrument is called a bouzouki and was brought to Greece in the 1900s by immigrants that where greek from Asia Minor.
Greek is a parliamentary republic and is currently ruled by Prokopis Pavlopoulos

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