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"Everyone has a story, and every story matters."


Couples, Families, Anyone.

I equally love doing indoor lifestyle sessions as much as outdoor! Wikipedia’s definition of Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. ... Lifestyle photography is “posed” in a way that the photographer gives some direction and then documents the natural responses after.

Lifestyle photography lies somewhere in between documentary photography on the one hand, and classic portraiture on the other hand. A documentary photographer will have a “fly on the wall” approach, catching life as it is without trying to interfere with what is going on. He or she will tell the story of real life, as it happens, while trying to be as transparent as possible for his/her subjects. My own take on lifestyle photography is a mix of authentic and staged. What I am shooting could actually happen in real life (this is the core definition of “lifestyle” in my opinion), however I would never have captured such a variety of images in such a short amount of time if I had not interfered. During a session, I create a diversity of opportunities that will generate real- life type of images which might not have spontaneously happened at that specific moment if I hadn’t been there to jump-start them. I have a lot of fun prompts and games that I use during my sessions to help relax and elicit genuine connections from my clients. My wish is for us to end the session feeling like we were just hanging out and not having a photo shoot.


Anyone- Weddings, Elopements, Couples, Seniors, Families, Children, Babies, Newborns!

What is the difference between a lifestyle and documentary session?

Wikipedia defines documentary as occuring naturally. Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used to chronicle significant and historical events. It is typically covered in professional photojournalism, or real life reportage, but it may also be an amateur, artistic, or academic pursuit.

How I define documentary sessions... .

I truly believe that real is more interesting than perfect. with documentary sessions, I will barely intervene and just sit back and document life unfolding in front of me.


Anytime, anywhere, indoors, or out.

The Photography Effect

...the beauty of a moment is that it’s fleeting. By it’s very nature, it slips through our fingers, making it that much more precious. You were born to real, not perfect... there is never a perfect time to document life...we are all busy, life is crazy, you may not feel like your best self- well I am here to tell you, YOU are probably the only one who really cares. Your kids are not going to care about any of that stuff, but they will cherish the memories and heirlooms that are captured for them to look back upon. They will see their family and it will connect them to a time and place of who they are and were.
I am drawn toward genuine connections, real & raw moments that exude love, laughter, life & honesty. Isn’t that what life is all about?! ...and the only way to capture that is to get to know you and your family. I feel like that is what allows me to truly tell YOUR story and capture the essence of who you are and the relationships that make you who you are. I am not a Pinterest photographer, I want to show your connections and bring out that authenticity. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, memories and moments!
It’s the details of life that I absolutely love to capture, those in-between belly laughs, tiny giggles, loving & adoring looks and candid moments that you may never know exist until someone else captures those moments of life and love.
My mission is for you to be able to look back tomorrow, a month, year, even decades from now and relive a feeling, a moment... a time in your life that you can treasure forever and pass down to your family.

It's wholeheartedly about the moments and the connections for me when I photograph my families.

all the details

the beauty of life is in the small details, not the big events-

Don't let the "just another day" moments slip by

The process

All I want you to do is show up and love on your family!

You have an idea of what you want photographed, but it may feel scary to say yes not knowing exactly how a session works. Let’s talk a little about how my process works, so you’ll understand what to expect from start to finish. Going beyond the photos, your experience is important.

1. The Beginning

Once you decide that I am the photographer that you want to capture your families memories, I will send you a questionnaire! The questionnaire will help me get to know you. Many clients make a date of it and answer the questions together, like taking a visit down memory lane- their feedback is often how surprisingly how fun it was! Once that is done, I will send you a session agreement where you can read all the fine print and pay the session fee (pricing info. is at the bottom).
Sessions are approximately one hour- I feel that is enough time for me to capture your story (some take a bit longer, some less)!

2. Brainstorm Email or phone call

Usually before you’re booked, we have a pretty general idea of what you’d like photographed. From your questionnaire, I’ll put together a game plan for our time together and conduct a “Brainstorm email” to reaffirm we are planning something you will LOVE.

3. Waiting for your Session

THE ANTICIPATION IS ON HIGH. About a week or so before our session, I’ll check in with a quick tip (like, everyone wants to know what to wear...and I have a really awesome style guide as well for you to view) or just to see how you’re doing. My goal here is to keep you excited and for your end to feel as stress-free as a Mojito in Mexico (it all just feels right!).

4. The Photo Session

WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS AT THE SHOOT? Everyone’s nerves (including mine!) can be a little wracked up at first, so we’ll take a few moments to chit-chat. It will feel like you just have a new friend hanging with you. You do not need to worry how you should look/what you should do and I’ll help you through any of those fears. This is where my talent lies and why you hired me, so trust in that. Your job: enjoy our time together. Simple as that.

5. Waiting for the Gallery, The Gallery Reveal + Product Ordering

LET’S CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE BRAVE! You said yes to taking control of your memories.
It’s time to see your story in photos. You’ll see unnoticed moments turned into custom art. You’ll see photos that make you say things like, “OMG, that is so him!” You may cry. You may laugh. You will smile. You’ll be hooked to this style of photography!

7. Product Delivery

Your gallery is delivered approximately 2-3 weeks post session date and will be open for 30 days. From the day you receive your gallery to view, you have 10 days to choose your collection- you will pay the Collection fee at the point and decide on the must-have images by selecting the digitals from the image proofs. Once your fee is paid and your photos are selected, I will deliver all of the high resolution files to you and if any prints/products were included in the collection you chose, you will choose which photos you want printed at this time as well. Products will be ordered as soon as the collection is chosen and paid for. The remaining time your gallery is open, you’ll have the opportunity to share your gallery with friends and family. You may also order additional prints and products during this time at standard rates. Your products will arrive in a beautiful package from me within 4-6 weeks from your order. If you live near me, I may hand deliver your products, because seeing your reaction to how they look is the most rewarding experience I can have as a photographer.... plus we’re friends by now!

8. Our After Party


You’ll hear from me to see how you’re doing, fill you in on what I’ve been up to, send you inspiration for our next session, and let you be the first to know if I run any kind of a promo. You have the ability to earn your next session at an exclusive rate by referring your friends and family to me.

Session Sparks

The most common problem my clients have in the planning phase is usually this:

“I don’t know what would be worth photographing.” This stings my heart every time. Any ol’ scenario will do, it just takes a photographer’s vision to draw out the magic. I promise.

Outdoor Fun- what does your family like to do to take advantage of all of the natural beauty and outdoor activities Alaska has to offer? Hiking, fishing, beach and lake days- the options are endless here! And traveling far is not a requirement; sometimes the best adventures can be found right in your own back yard or neighborhood park.
Family Outing- where does your family like to go when you want to get out of the house for a bit? Perhaps a trip to the museum, fair, market, zoo, or favorite indoor play place! Wherever it is, I’ll be happy to tag along and document it for you.
Family Routines and Traditions- some of my favorite photos are of families simply living their everyday lives. Does your family love to cook together? Make cookies for the holidays? Read stories every night before bed? Whatever your family traditions, never, ever underestimate the beauty of the every day.
Special Events- special events are the perfect excuse for a documentary session. birthday parties, baby showers, small weddings and elopements - family events are a perfect fit for documentary family photography.
What’s important is capturing the emotions and connections you have with the people you love.

Make your photos mean something

In the end, what we do is not what really matters. What’s important is capturing the emotions and connections you have with the people you love. The quirks and idiosyncrasies that make up each member of your family. The feelings of joy, wonder, and love -THAT is what documentary family photography is all about.


“We often do not think about the present moment as something that is worthy of being rediscovered in the future. However, our studies show that we are often wrong: what is ordinary now actually becomes more extraordinary in the future – and more extraordinary than we might expect.”
what is ordinary now actually becomes more extraordinary in the future – and more extraordinary than we might expect


There is a non-refundable session deposit of $150 due to secure session time/date- fee goes towards total price (collection chosen). Extended families or groups of 10+ is an additional $250 for the collection fee.
After the session is over and gallery is delivered, you then decide what collection you want to add (gallery is delivered approximately 2-3 weeks post session date).
You can customize your collection however you like with a la carte products that you can continue to add on after your collection is chosen and while your gallery is open for one month post gallery delivery!
There is typically 50 proofs for you to choose from and you will always be able to purchase product/print from your galleries regardless of how many digitals your collection comes with.


Collection 1: $350 which includes 15 high resolution images w/print release. You will have approximately 50 image proofs to choose from. Additional digitals, prints and products will be available to purchased a la carte.

Collection 2: $450 which includes 25 high resolution images w/print release, personalized wooden USB + (1) 11x14 professional print. You will have approximately 50 image proofs to choose from. Additional digitals, prints and products will be available to purchased a la carte.

Collection 3: $550 which includes 35 high resolution images w/print release, personalized wooden USB + (2) 11x14 professional print.You will have approximately 50 image proofs to choose from. Additional digitals, prints and products will be available to purchased a la carte.

Collection 4: $850 which includes the entire digital gallery (50 high resolution images) w/print release and 50- 4x6 professional prints of all of the digitals, a personalized wooden keepsake box for your prints + personalized wooden USB + (2) 11x14 professional print. Additional digitals, prints and products will be available to purchased a la carte.

*each additional high resolution digital is $25/each

*please note that low resolution images are delivered for each collection and images chosen- these are great for social media sharing- instagram, facebook, etc.

It’s pretty scary to know how fast time flies!

Email me to book!

Tasha Boin, Photographer

www.tashaboinphotography.com tashaboinphotography@gmail.com or 907-903-8382

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