Good Life Performance Simon Zheng

Spacial Experience

Photograph enclosed in a box.
Although it was not my first time going to the Constans Theatre, I was still really excited. Rather, I was really excited to see the set design of the play because they have always amazed me. I was seated by the walkway at the front of the theatre where the actors would occasionally walk through during the play. This directly enhanced my experience watching the play, I could listen to the actors better, see them better, and watch them perform up close. When the lights dimmed and audience quieted, I got even more excited for what the play had to offer because every play I have seen had it's own set of surprises and laughs. Overall, the size of the auditorium was just right in my opinion, not too big that it got really noisy during intermission, and not too small that I felt like I was the only one there. The role of place in the Good Life is its effect on the identity of a person, where we go and the cultures we experience shape who we become and molds our sense of belonging.

Social Experience

My friends and I at the entrance of the Constans Theatre.
I attended the play with a group of my friends. To prepare for the play beforehand, I read about Sarah Bernhardt and the various characters in the play. Knowing that most of my friends have not seen a play before, I was quite excited for them to experience the play alongside me. Not only that, having people to go with kept me company and helped me delve deeper into the overall meaning of the play because we eventually started questioning one another about the underlying meaning of each action and scene. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life allows you to look at life from a broad point of view, each one of your friends has a different perspective on the world. They help you better identify and understand a variety of issues and situations. Shared experiences will improve your outlook on the world, aiding you on your journey to find what you define as the "good life".

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Flame-like sculpture to represent the passion and intensity of culture.
The central issue addressed in the performance was that many people are blinded by what they see upfront, there is still corruption in the world today. When someone buys a pair of shoes they don't really think about who made the shoes or how much the laborer got paid making the shoes, society today would only pay attention to the looks and quality of the shoes. As for the subject matter, I only had a little background information on it. For instance, I knew that to this day children in less developed countries are still being exploited to make clothes and shoes for cheap labor under unpleasant working conditions. The performance overall made me more aware of the various issues addressed in the play and encouraged me to be more involved on issues such as child labor. Although the subject matter doesn't have a direct relationship to anything happening in my life, it has made me reflect on the things I have taken for granted and my first impression of others.

Emotional Experience

Multitude of colors to symbolize an array of emotions.
The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for katharsis ("coming clean") by revealing the ugly truth behind corruption and child labor. Taking the first step and revealing what society does not want to see, The Divine prompts us to follow and reflect on our own undignified actions. The play opens our eyes to the harsh reality of the world and also acts as a bridge to connect us with our inner selves, who we really are. The Divine really makes us ponder about our own values and what we have done to contribute to society. To truly be happy, we must first come clean and accept who we are as humans, no one is perfect... We have to progressively learn and build upon our faulty actions to better ourselves and our lives.

The End

Students leaving the Constans Theatre.

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