Hello Orlando Disney Hello 2017

First time I celebrated the new year abroad. The Disney fireworks for new year was specially spectacular than usual.
Welcome 2017 new year, Orlando Disney magic fireworks. Photo credit: Wendy Chang.
The other feature of Disney is parade. I was so lucky to see the Christmas version.

Before visiting, you should watch this movie in advance

  • Frozen(2013)


Children are stuck with these songs "Let It Go ", "Do You Want To Build A Snowman " and "For the First Time in Forever". As the intro plays, children start their concert. To avoid feeling isolated, check it out before visiting.

To enjoy a parade, take 30 minutes to an hour ahead of show finding best seats. Standing on the first line to shake hands with your favorite characters and take photos without others intervention will make your travel more enjoyable.

I was impressed by the Disney dancers. They wear smiles on all the time. The high kick was in the same angles and high level.

Barbie in Toy Story 2

Not familiar with this character? Check this out.

See you next time Disney.
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Wan-Ting Chang

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