Marriage is Good! By rachel gAbriel

Marriage is good for your health! Married couples live longer and are happier and healthier according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. Additional studies are finding that married couples experience lower levels of heart disease, cancers, flu, Alzheimer’s, depression and stress, Karen Sherman, author of “Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, & Make It Last,” told the Deseret News.

You have true companionship. There is an old Swedish proverb that says, “Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow.” Truer words have seldom been spoken. Marriage basically means always having your best friend around. My wife Kate always tells people that our marriage is like a “party every day!” And I concur. Everything I do from going to the gym to grocery shopping is 10X more enjoyable with my wife by my side.

Marriage helps pot the you from cancer. A 2013 study, in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, confirmed what the Maynes believe: cancer patients with a supportive spouse tend to fare far better than those who are on their own. The protective effect of marriage, as shown in this study, is somewhat shocking.

Marriage keeps children happy and safe. Children lead healthier, longer lives if parents get and stay married. Adults who fret about second-hand smoke and drunk driving would do well to focus at least some of their attention on this point. In one long-term study that followed a sample of highly advantaged children (middle-class whites with IQs of at least 135) up through their seventies, a parent's divorce knocked four years off the adult child's life expectancy. Forty-year-olds from divorced homes were three times more likely to die from all causes than 40-year-olds whose parents stayed married.

YOU WILL EARN MORE MONEY. Men today tend to think of marriage as a consumption item—a financial burden. But a broad and deep body of scientific literature suggests that for men especially, marriage is a productive institution—as important as education in boosting a man's earnings. In fact, getting a wife may increase an American male's salary by about as much as a college education. Married men make, by some estimates, as much as 40 percent more money than comparable single guys, even after controlling for education and job history. The longer a man stays married, the higher the marriage premium he receives. Wives' earnings also benefit from marriage, but they decline when motherhood enters the picture. Childless white wives get a marriage wage premium of 4 percent, and black wives earn 10 percent more than comparable single women.


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