Virtual Reality Technology Innovating Caregiving Caregiver Coalition Fund of America: Outreach Engage

Caregiver Coalition Fund of America:

Outreach Engage

Today, your mobile device is more powerful than your laptop of just a few years ago. Mobile applications with VR, AR & MR can be used to bring families, friends, and communities together to support those in need in new, and exciting ways that benefit everyone in the demanding caregiving process.

• Mental acuity stimulus experiences

• Enhanced friends/family VR visits

• Environment exploration & learning

• Mobile diagnostic applications

• Support & comfort

• Caregiver/patient relaxation & training

• Patient care database & records

• Care support information network

The technology exists today to address the emotional and community needs unique to caregiving though communication, connectivity, and innovation.

Caregiver Coalition Fund of America: Outreach Engage

Today there are conservatively over 69 million essential caregivers in America. By and large they are grossly underpaid, and unrecognized, and that number is growing daily. For countless millions, caregiving is an unavoidable, stressful, depressing part of their daily lives, however with greater community support there is hope for a caring, organized, and better experience.

Caregiver Coalition Fund of America's Outreach program, using existing technology can address the problems of overburdened individual caregivers as a whole; empowering both the patient and their caregivers. CareCFA Outreach will use existing mobile devices, databases, & apps for social media community building creating what amounts to the world’s first social media site largely populated by those in need, and those caregivers willing to freely give it.

Shared experiences and learning develop a better future

Bringing people together through technology

Envisioning the future of caring

The Phases of development

The development of content, VR & AR equipment and marketing will take place over 4 phases, each building on the achievements developed previously. We intend to innovate by leveraging existing technology and production while creating our own unique programs and content for bringing community to Caregiving.

Phase 1

Coordinate existing formats, software, apps, assets and experiences for branded web distribution with marketing for charitable donations. Develop incentive programs, VR, MR & AR equipment planning.

Change your environment and change your experience

Phase 2

Create assets, coding and interfaces for unique caregiver VR, MR & AR designed experiences using elements from phase 1. Create marketing channel for necessary medical offers from Medical and Pharmaceutical groups. Develop educational patient and caregiver content.

Phase 3

Expanding VR, MR & AR production into tailored experiences, including shared experiences via Telepresence visitation. Creating enhanced interfacing and marketing through original coding & production of live VR and 3D photo realistic animated experiences. Develop AI database information content.

Get a new perspective

Phase 4

Here we expand on the innovative VR, MR & AR experiences, as well as the educational caregiver content, incentive programs, and AI database information for future growth. At this point we are expanding our reach out world-wide creating best localization methods and practices.

Enjoy new experiences

Friends, family, and good experiences changes your mood

Share with those who care


Care CFA Outreach Engage is created for all developmentally challenged kids, & the growing malady of autism. We will help by organizing off the shelf technology with research & development and an easy mobile social cognitive development mental stimulation gaming system & application for children.

Outreach Engage will use interactive rewarding experiences to connect a child at their own pace while motivating learning, exploring, building, thinking through pattern & association games that will improve mental acuity and memory retention.

Benefitting teachers, caregivers, developmentally challenged kids & adults.

• Playground games

• Building blocks

• Finger paint

• Gear magic

• Association station

• Costume party

• Animal safari

• Mythic fun

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. - Anthony J. D'Angelo

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. - Brad Henry

Serenity's Journey

Serenity is my brothers first child, when we heard they were having a baby everyone was so excited, but as the pregnancy progressed we were told Serenity had only half a brain.

The doctor urged an abortion, saying she would probably die at birth or soon after, and if she lived would not talk or walk and be severely retarded, after much thought and discussion my sister in law decided to have the baby.

She not only lived, she walks and talks, and most of all laughs, yes, she has health issues she's had heart surgery and will always remain mentally undeveloped. But she is a happy girl and we are blessed to have her.

She inspired me to go into child development, not only to learn more about special needs children, also to help navigate them through the healthcare system. - Meena

Meena is a young, bright, caring, individual pursuing her education and activism in care giving. She is smart, charming, bilingual and outspoken in both languages.

She is insightful, growing up with evolving mobile technology, changing social media and culture.

Meena has a unique view into family dynamics of care giving, with her generational personal experience, and her very supportive family. She is excited about working to develop Outreach Engage systems and sharing the experiences, adventures and learning tools with Serenity.

VR AR interactive social therapy: for caregivers and their patents.

Each experience comes in mobile and platforms versions using varied tested technology and techniques.

Each VR/AR/MR experience has levels of immersion, starting with a visual & audio exploration experience, up to whole groups of avatars, interactively sharing, exploring, affecting, and learning together in many different types of environments.

By level of complexity and type of experience:

Virtual Reality - Immersive environments come both in CG or 360 video.

Augmented Reality - Layers of experience animation over real environment.

Mixed Reality - A mix of AR & VR and a real environment.

Enhancements by level of complexity and type of experience:

Pattern recognition triggers and interaction with environment

Interactive interfacing (text, voice, video, feedback)

Shared experience local (in-room)

Shared experience Telepresence (Distances)

Shared experience group (Distances)

Avatars (personal representation)

Created By
JR Horsting


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