Age of Consumerism HAnnah hawthorne, bRad milliorn and haley roGers

Summary- Age of Consumerism was the rise of the prosperity of the US in 1920 and led to the emergence of American Consumerism increased due to technological advances and innovative ideas in the areas of communication, transportation and manufacturing. There were mass advertising and marketing techniques via newspapers during this time. An economic example of this would be: the mass production techniques such as the assembly line in factories enabled massive quantities of products to be produce quickly

  • Facts
  • Technology had advanced and the nation had enlarged the age of steel and electricity.
  • Industries switched from Coal power to electricity homes were lit by electricity.
  • Personal grooming ideas such as cosmetics, hair dye, deodorants, perfumes, etc. we're added to the evergrooming list of consumer products
  • Consumerism in the fashion industry boomed

Immediate and long term effects- The long term effect was that the substance farming was terminated by technology and due to the market crashing, many people lost all their money which led to the Great Depression. A shot term example is, Americans lifestyles were improved and they lived in luxury due to working more hours because of job openings in the factories

People places and dates- The Age of Consumerism started in the 1920s in America while the 28th president Woodrow Wilson was in office and ended right before the Great Depression. All of this work happened mostly in factories and consumers took in all the products

Causes and Infulences- In the 1920s America was beginning to prosper and new technology, mass production and labor saving devices gave Americans more time for leisure: They were able to enjoy a wonderful taste of freedom due to the introduction of mass production, cheap automobiles that revolutionized transportation in America.

Local and regional effects- subsistence farmers and farms in general saw a large decrease due to the emergence of mass productions from factories . The technological revolution followed after due to the creation of factories and the mass productions all over the world


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