Tattoos on The Heart Project Max Brinker

Chp. 1 God, I Guess- A story from the first chapter that personally impacted me was Cesar's story. Cesar gets out of prison completely changed. He keeps himself away from the gangs and all of the bad things that used to be in his life. What I realized though, was that when he felt wanted, he wanted to change himself. He knew Fr. Greg loved him and that he mattered to him, and this made Cesar want to change. I learned a lot from this. If I include others and make them feel wanted, they may feel better about themselves.
Chp. 3 Compassion- One story from this chapter that really upset me was Betito's. Betito was just a young, funny kid when he was shot in the crossfire of a gang fight. He was so innocent in that moment, just playing in the park. Reflecting on this chapter, I realize why it was titled compassion. Compassion means "sympathetic pity for the sufferings and misfortunes of others. Now after reading this, I feel compassion for Betito and his family.
Chapter 7 Gladness- The story that I liked the most in this chapter was the one about Spider. Spider talks about how he watches his family eat dinner, but doesn't eat himself. He is just very glad that they're there. Gladness comes from what God gives to us, or what he puts into our lives. In Spider's case, his gladness comes from his family.
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