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some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family. in the kite runner by khalea hosseini the villain archetype is betrayed in many different ways. hosseini uses it through the beginning middle and end to crate tension.

in the beginning of the book hosseini uses the archetype by using characters from the book like asseff. Asefth bully Hassan and amir. his role model was hitler. he was a cruel boy as he turned out worse later in the book. ' but before you sacrificed your self for him.. would he do the same for you. aseft wanted revenge on hassan for hitting him with the sling shot.(pg.106) Amirs obstacle from saving Hasson from getting rape was Assef ' in the end, i ran. i ran because i was a coward. i was afraid of assef and what he would do to me'. Because of assef villain like characteristicas he forced amir to leave hasson.

in the middle of the novel the village is being shown by baba telling a mirror now killing the man can affect a whole family. baba was hypocrite telling a mirror not to steal the truth from the people he loved the most . " you still his rights to a husband , robbed his children of a father ". here baba explains the wrong in lying which he's being doing all his life. the Rahim tells amir that his father never told the truth to the person he adored most. "what can you possibly say to me? I'm 38 years old and I've just found one big life" amir was betrayed by his father which he adored so much and kept the truth from his step brother . baba was an evil man for never telling the people he loved the truth.

amir was a shy boy growing up , he grew up without his fathers attention because he thought he didn't like him because his mom died giving birth to him. amir watched assef raped hassan . amir holds this guilt for 26 years . " i actually aspired to cowardice because alternative the real reason i was running was that asset was right .amir allowed hassan to get raped , he didn't stop it and he never told anyone about it . 26 years later amir moves to america , where he finds his wife soraya. Before marriage soroya speaks her secret . " I envied her , her secret was outspoken sought with , i open my mouth and almost told her how id betrayed hassan ." amir realizes how he spoked the truth and she was relived that it came out from her mouth. amir was the evil character because he never stood up for hassan the way hassan did for him.

in the kite runner the tree evil characters where asset , baba , and amir . asset rapped hassan to proved he had power , baba kept a secret from people he loved the most , amir let hassan get bullied and never spoke up .


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