Pit Bulls by:Janelle Gama

A Red Nose Pitbull Puppy


Pit Bull is a breed of dogs.People think that they are violent and dangerous. Yet some people have them as a pet.

What do they eat?

Pit Bulls eat dog food. Their food diet is mostly meat. Adult Pit Bulls should eat 20 pounds a month.That is about two or three cups a day. A baby Pit Bull should eat canine milk. As they get bigger and bigger they will start to eat the dog food.

How Long do they live for?

Pit Bulls live from 8-15 years. The more the dog weighs under 20 pounds will get a longer life span about 11 years . If the Pit Bull Is really heavy and its over 90 pounds then it will get a shorter life span about typically 8 years.

Why do they have a bad reputation?

Pit Bulls are known as bad dogs. People are afraid of them. The dogs are loyal to humans and other animals. They are one of the most dogs there are. When humans command a Pit Bull will do as there told to do so. So when their owners train them to defend themselves they will in a dog fight.

Pit Bulls passed the low aggression, panic and avoidance test.
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Janelle Gama


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