Women's Sit-in By: nick heller

This is my African Civil Rights movement which was led by four black college kids that were influenced by non-violent protest techniques by Mohandas Gandhi. These four students went to a lunch counter at the Woolworths. When they were denied service they did not give up their spots. The goal of this sit in was to get rid of the segregation policies around that area.

The four black students that started this were named Ezell Blair Jr., David Richmond, Franklin McCain and Joseph McNeil. They were the first people to start the sit-in in Greensboro. After that, more than 300 people that were black flooded the same Woolworths they were in the first day. They were not the only ones that helped plan this sit-in, Ralph Johnson, a local white businessman, also helped set all of this up.

These black men had put up with a lot of challenges and were very brave and courageous. A lot of the protesters were arrested for trespassing, disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace.

This sit-in sparked a number of sit-in movements around the country. This sit-in was eventually televised for the US to see which resulted in a number of different protest that spread to 55 different cities and 13 states. National media coverage brought a lot more attention to the struggle of civil rights for black people. Stuff like this would eventually happen in the future as well.

My more modern sit-in (which really isn’t that modern) is the Ladies’ Home Journal Sit-in. The leaders of this sit-in were various feminist groups like; Media Women, New York Radical Women, NOW, and Redstockings. They were sick and tired of this magazine showing stuff that women were interested in when they clearly weren’t like that. After this sit-in John Mack, editor for the magazine, agreed to let women work on the magazine so it wouldn't be as stereotypical.


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