Slopes Are Everywhere! Algebra Class project

Essential Question: What slope does the majority of the items in your home/school have?



Understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations.

M08.B-E.2.1.1 M08.B-E.2.1.2 M08.B-E.2.1.3 A1.

This Project is Designed For : 8th Grade Algebra class, and should take a total of 3 days to complete.

Students will need their mobile devices, and the use of the Mac Book in class. Students will use their mobile devices to take pictures of items/objects that have a slope. The students will then upload these images using the Mac Books, and determine the slope of the lines in the image. The students will then compile all of their information onto a Spark Page presentation. The students should locate FIVE different items, and use these items in their final project. The students should also determine what slope seems to be most common amongst the objects they found.

Assessment: Throughout the project, students will use Poll Everywhere to answer different poll questions, to make sure they are on pace to successfully complete the assignment. Students will also use a peer evaluation to grade each other final work, and to check to make sure everyone figured out their slopes correctly.

If you do not have a mobile device... that's okay! You can find real-life images on the internet that have a slope, and use that for your final project. The Mac Books will be available for everyone to use! :)

The Mac Books will stay in the classroom, and students will have access to them for three straight days to complete their assignments.

Have Fun!!


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