Mission Updates April, 2021

Happy Resurrection Day! Praise God for His faithfulness through our congregation, who gave over $15,000 toward the Pastoral Discipleship School sponsored by Matt & Noelle Harris in Uganda! Construction begins this month.

This school will enable the pastors to earn degrees that will be recognized by the Ugandan government. Please pray for the remaining $25,000 needed.

(To give, click "missions" fund and note "Uganda")

The Harris family ministers to the Acholi people of Northern Uganda. The ministry they work with, Terebinth Ministries from Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel, works through the Pastoral School of Discipleship, Business As Mission, and a Widows' Ministry.

The School of Discipleship teaches pastors for 1 week a month through the entire Bible, teaching them to interpret Scripture with Scripture. They test every week and have read through the entire Bible twice by the end of their 3-year training. Matt serves as one of the teachers and will become the Director of a second Pastoral School of Discipleship after this school building is built. Even though there will be 2 campuses, this building will allow both halves of the school to award a diploma recognized by the Ugandan government.

Congratulations to Matt, who studied and became a Calvary Chapel ordained pastor while on furlough this winter!

The ministry's Business As Mission (BAM) is a large-scale farming operation that mainly deals in poultry (4,000 chickens!) and buying, milling, and selling grain. The by-products of milling are used to feed the chickens. At this point, the proceeds from BAM help support the pastors as they give up 1/4 of their lives for 3 years. The goal and prayer is for BAM to fully finance the entire ministry.

The Widows' Ministry works with 6 graduated pastors and committees from the churches they lead. The committees sponsor widows from their communities with weekly discipleship and monthly food and business packages. The food packages provide some nutrition for the family and the business packages can be sold for a small profit and small return to BAM. In this way, God is providing for 160 widows and 500 fatherless children.

Kenya Connection - Virtual Experience

Thank you to all who participated in the Kenya Connection Virtual Experience through the month of March! Our partnership with Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope and Mathare Worship Centre has already borne fruit!


  • Hope's Promise and Mathare Worship Centre are beginning a new, relative-based care program called Kuza, which means "nurture". They have already accepted 7 children into the program: Chloe, Taylor, Vivian, Jane, Richard, Ruth, and Angela.
  • The team's advocacy raised over $4,000, enough to support and encourage 3 of the new children for a year! These costs include education expenses and discipleship through the church, and also food and rent and medical support as needed.
  • The team was able to encourage and strengthen Mathare Worship Centre's leadership through fellowship and teaching.
  • Praise God for Vivian, one of the young teens in Kuza. She was elected president of her class, and one of her duties is to lead the class in prayer.
  • Praise God also for Simon, one of the older teens in Sanctuary of Hope. He was recently invited to preach to more than 700 fellow students. His message was on love!

Please pray:

  • Covid cases are rising in Kenya. Four counties across Kenya (including Nairobi) were completely sealed off 3/26 at midnight. This means that no transportation via train, car or commercial air is allowed in or out of these counties. Because of the new curfew and restrictions on businesses, many day laborers are now unemployed. This directly impacts much of the Mathare Valley population.
  • All schools are closed except for students who are getting ready to take their national exams in April. Please pray for the students whose education has been interrupted.
  • Pray for George, Peter, and Victor, who have been studying to complete their senior years of high school in 6 months. They are taking their end of high school exams in April. These tests will determine whether they can pursue higher education, and which schools and careers they are eligible for.
  • Please also pray for Alvin, Elvis, and Esther W., who will sit for their end of primary school exams in April. Results determine which high schools they can attend.
  • Please continue to pray for the situation the Karaus are facing in Meru, where they stayed during the first lockdown. A former landlord is causing problems. Pray that God will change his heart.

Before they began the Kuza program for relative-based care, Hope's Promise partnered with Mathare Worship Centre to place orphans and vulnerable children with unrelated, indigenous Christian families like Pastor & Edith Karau.

One of those children is Esther. Today, the engaging teenager runs, teases siblings, hugs caregivers, and communicates well. These accomplishments once seemed an unlikely dream.

Born in Mathare Valley, second largest slum of Nairobi, Kenya, Esther failed to develop typically. Sometimes the best a mother can hope for a sickly baby born into the desperation of a third world slum is that the child will die.

But Esther defied the odds. She spent much of her early years in a church daycare. When Esther was two years old, she was photographed by a Nairobi newspaper. The Kenyan reporter noted Esther’s protruding belly as evidence of malnutrition. At age five, Esther remained unable to walk or speak. She rarely, if ever, smiled.

Moved by her plight, the Hope’s Promise community united to bring her home Hope's Promise Kenya houseparent’s, Pastor and Mama Karau, in 2010. Within a month, she took her first steps to the gleeful cheers of her new family

Today, not only does Esther run, she rides a skateboard!

Family. It makes all the difference.

Esther riding a skateboard
Eddie & Barbie Broussard - Navigators

Praise God for His continued healing hand on Eddie Broussard, who serves with the global ministry of the Navigators. Eddie recently had a double-knee replacement. He continues rehabilitation exercises but has stepped back into ministry, mainly through Zoom video conference calls.

Eddie's current work includes:

  • Catching up with Regional Directors and national leaders in Eurasia and Latin America to learn how they are doing in the midst of the pandemic and what their current challenges are.
  • Working with the Global Student Program Director and Co-Director to plan this summer's virtual Global Student Program virtual experience (June 11-July 25). They hope to minister to 45+ young adults from over 20 countries, including some areas that are very closed to the gospel.
  • Preparing for an upcoming virtual leadership training for 16 key couples who will become future leaders all over the world.
  • Coaching a key leader in the Middle East as he leads a gathering of 10 young adults as they grow as disciples and disciple-makers.
  • Organizing the annual International Executive Team gathering that will be held September 20-24.

Prayer Requests:

  • Eddie's prayer: "Lord, please do not remove me from this present difficulty until you have transformed in me the very thing for which you have brought me here."
  • Rich times for Eddie & Barbie as they study God's Word.
  • Continued healing and rehabilitation of Eddie's knees and whole body.
  • God's wisdom and grace in planning for the events listed above.
Juarez - Graduation of Temo, Victor, and Lorenzo

Praise God for the graduation of Temo, Victor, and Lorenzo from Servant Senders with Nolan & Marie Schockey in Juarez, Mexico! They have completed 3 years of intensive Bible Study and application. Each has either started or been very active in a ministry.


  • Temo & his wife Belen will continue on with Servant Senders as they minister in police and fire stations and lead a home fellowship of 40 children.
  • Victor will continue leading a home fellowship and other outreach ministry as he searches for a job to help support his young family.
  • Lorenzo will also continue Servant Senders as a supported pastor and minister to the local soldiers.
Pastor Zechariah Arni - Haifa, Israel

Chag Pesach Samech! (Happy Passover Festival!)

Praise God for Pastor Zechariah Arni, who pastors a congregation of Messianic Ethiopian Jews in Haifa, Israel. They are seeing many people, especially young adults, coming to faith in Christ. There is also a feeling of new life and that they are slowly emerging from the hardships brought by Covid. They have been able to begin meeting together again the last couple of weeks.

Please pray:

  • for the congregation as they celebrate Passover and remember how God brought His people out of slavery. Pray the church will enter into new spiritual freedom, worship the Lord, and see a great salvation of the nations!
  • The growth of the church has brought new persecution in the form of proposed laws and hateful speech. Pray for believers, especially those young in their faith, to rely on God as they face opposition. "For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 2 Cor. 10:3-5
  • Many people have lost their jobs and their families are facing financial difficulties. Please pray for the congregation as they minister to those in need around them through food distributions.
Mike - Middle East

Praise God for the 1,000 wheelchairs Mike and his team were able to deliver in Lebanon! Thank Him also for the connections Mike was able to make with political and religious leaders, including a brigadier general, a major general, and an archbishop. Those relationships will open up opportunities to share the Gospel and to continue to minister in this country that is hurting from war, political instability, hyperinflation, and last year's massive explosion in Beirut.

Janice Evans - Ukraine

Praise God along with Janice Evans, CWC Missionary to Ukraine!

  • For Ranota. Janice says the teen girls dresses and acts provocatively, but is the main teen bringing other youth to the church. One boy she brought, Zhenya, jumped up and went to the pastor to receive salvation without waiting for the end of the invitation.

Please pray:

  • For Zhenya to grow in Christ. He has a girlfriend who seems uninterested in Christ.
  • For Kostya, another boy Ranota brings. He is very open to friendship.
  • For Ranota to find her worth in Christ.
  • For Janice's coffee shop study sessions. While she studies Russian, many local people approach her and build friendships, including Laura and her daughter Sophia. Please pray for open doors and deeper conversation about things of Christ.
  • For Miriam, the Christian doctor who is awaiting her husband's arrival from Africa along with their small baby. She has been struggling with post-partum depression. She is unable to work right now.
Calvary Worship Center Missions

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!