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Thoren holds a masters degree in Exercise Physiology, experience as a division 1 strength and conditioning coach and pursues natural bodybuilding. Instead of pursuing bodybuilding on stage with a spray tan, his passion is to find out how to build a next level physique while also living a normal everyday life. No show prep, no hormone damaging diets, just consistency and an active lifestyle. Now a trusted voice for writing in the american fitness industry, his biggest goal is to change the way we look at blending bodybuilding with maintainable lifestyle. If you were to catch Thoren on the street or out in public and stop him, you'd find that his physique always looks the way It does in photos due to his lack of preparation for any shows. No bulking, no cutting. Just slow, BS free, day to day improvement one workout at a time. There are many people bigger than me, more vascular and leaner, but because of my steadfast dedication to remain natural you'll always know my physique is attainable without drugs.


D-Pol gives me a level of daily energy and alpha male sense in the gym. It's affordable and easy to use as a staple. There's a reason I took it since long before Purus Labs even knew who I was.

Although I love all three pre-workout products, Condense is unparalleled in the industry with how clean the energy is. It is a simple complex that delivers results and "feel good" workout vibes for me every time. Plus the skin splitting pumps without any water retention... Right up my alley.

Look, with all the recent studies surrounding HMB, I had to to try Purus's HMB product Halovar. After seeing it's anti-catabolic effects during a small cut I did before summer, I realized just how potent this stuff was. I lost almost no muscle on my cut, sexual energy was just as strong and I had pumps...During a cut! Needless to say it won't matter whether I'm trying to add muscle or lose fat, if the goal involves physique improvement you can bet Halovar is going to be a part of my routine.

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