Portfolio Kathryn Coveney


The photogram unit was the first unit so we weren't familiar with the equipment yet. In this unit I struggles to get the picture dark enough to come out. However, I like that the background isn't very dark becuase it draws attention to the glass turtle paperweight which did come out darker. I also liked this unit becuase it was fun going home, looking through my room, and finding objects that I could use for a photogram.


The texture unit was the first unit where we used the cameras. I struggled to get the camera to focus well because texture photos are mainly close-ups. I liked this unit because it incorporated many diverse photos. The world has countless different textures from rough to smooth allowing a lot of variety. For this unit I took pictures of objects that all had a rough textures. Rough textures are more defined resulting in the photos coming out more clearly.


The landscape unit was one of my favorite units. I liked being able to get out and drive around to take photos. I also liked this unit because we went on a field trip to Tower Hill and had the opportunity to make art out of art. Landscape was a challenging unit because often a landscape goes far back into the distance and it's hard to get the camera to focus. In my landscape photos I often tried to have a single non organic stationary object to be the focus of the picture with the landscape going back in the distance.


I like the portrait unit because you have the option to stage a photo or simple capture a moment. I like how a portrait photo can capture an emotion. Although portraits are mostly happy I like being able to capture other emotions such as confusion. It was also fun to stage a photo and set up what I wanted to take a picture of.

Double negatives

Double negatives was defiantly the most challenging unit. I decided not to take another role of film for this unit so that I would have enough for the final project but as a result of that I had to figure out how to make a creative image out of what I already had. With many of the pictures I took negatives that were very similar and put them together to show the same picture but just from a different angle. I liked how when I overlapped a vertical photo with a horizontal photo it showed the boarder of the film on either side creating a more vintage affect.

Final Project

For the final project it took me a while to decide what I was going to do. I knew that I wanted to do some kind or collage but I wasn't sure what. My original idea was to take a face with two different emotions to make a new face. Then I got the idea to put together two objects that were each parts of a word to form a compound word. At first I wanted to weave the photos together but that became to difficult so I decided to just make them half and half. I like how the project has a creative aspect but it also has a numerous aspect.


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