The Cowherd and The Weaver Girl Folk tale love story

This folk tale is well known throughout China, Japan and Korea. This is the story of the "The Cowherd and The Weaver Girl in Heaven".

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess name Jingnyeo who was a talented silk weaver in the heavens. Only her weaving skills were good enough to make fairy dresses. When the time came for her to marry, the Jade king in heaven ordered his servants to find a young man for the princess. The servants found a cow-herder named Gyounwu who was a handsome and strong young man. The wedding was beautiful a held in the spring.

They were a perfect match!

They couldn't help themselves enjoying scenery and nature.....

However, after Gyounwu and Jingnyeo married, they neglected their duties as cowherd and weaver. They loved to spend time together and sightsee all the time. The jade king got very angry and gave them a warning. But they couldn't resist being with each other all the time and kept forgetting their duties.

Oh, my beloved Jingneo!

The Jade King ordered them to separate, he sent Gyonwu to the East of Heaven and Jingnyeo to the west of Heaven. They were are allowed to see each other only once a year on the 7th day of the 7th month as long as they worked hard for the rest of the year.

All the animals on earth gathered to find a solution to stop the rain from the sky cause by Gyeonwu and Jingnyeo.

However, when the time came, they were too far away to see each other. So they cried for each other from the sky and created a flood on the earth. The animals on the earth had a meeting about how they could help the lovers and came up with a solution. The crows and magpies could fly into the sky and form a bridge for Gyonwu and Jingnyeo, so that they can see each other.

Every year on the 7th of the 7th month, Gyonwu and Jingnyeo are able to meet with the help of the crows and magpies.


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