Village of Hobart Wisconsin Oriana Cheney---p w 3-4

Village Municipal Building located at 2990 S. Pine Tree Road, Hobart, WI
Village Sign
Village Map

Interesting fact about Hobart

Hobart was named for the Episcopal Bishop John Henry Hobart who was from New York. After the Oneida people were removed from New York and came to Wisconsin, John Hobart sent missionaries to preach to the Oneida people in Wisconsin.

My Issue: New Firetruck

The Issue: Hobart is in need of a new firetruck. However, fire trucks can get very pricey. A couple bids came in, but one was rejected because the company did not follow the specifications provided.

The Decision: Unanimously, a motion passed for the firetruck. It states that the cost should not exceed $485,000, and it has been decided that people will try their hardest to reduce the cost even more.

My Opinion: I agree with the village putting a limit on how much can be spent on a new fire engine. Although $485,000 is a lot of money, they are trying to keep the cost low. If they can't keep the price in that range, they could try doing a fundraiser. They should seek out companies that have good quality firetrucks that also have good prices.

Other Town Issues

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