Sit In Movement by brian cruz

The first ever sit in happened on February 1 ,1960, in North Carolina when four black students from A&T State University, FranklinMcCain, Joseph McNeil, Ezell Blair, and David Richmond, sat down at a Woolworth lunch counter in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.They sat down and waited to get served but the waiter refused to serve the four black students. So the next day the four blacks students came back but it wasn't just them, they brought 25 other students to help the cause for segregation in lunch counters, but it didn't seem like the waiter care how many blacks they brought because they still got their service refused.

This sit in atcion by the four black students inspired so many people in the south. There was only a problem that this sit in had, it was that the blacks were at time beat down called "negroes" ,thrown food at. The way the blacks were so clam is that they trained before they went to the sit in by begin called name's and having food thrown at they even being hit. When the sit in happened most of the things they trained for was what actually happened but when it was over the blacks still got arrested for doing nothing.

The sit in movement is still remembered as one of the greatest movements of the civil rights, This movements has an impact on today because they are still places where segregation still happens. The sit in movement has inspired so many people to fights for whats right without any violence and to have their voices heard.This can be related to the election on how trump wants to build a wall to get mexicans or immigrants out of the U.S. So the mexicans made a day where they don't work to show how much they really do help the U.S with their profits.

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