Like traveling, construction is a complex journey that involves careful planning, technical expertise, and trusted partnerships


KA leverages advanced software and deep expertise to deliver accurate and immediate estimates to help you design in rhythm with the budget

virtual design construction

Like a seasoned world traveler, KA is on top of the latest industry trends to give you the best perspective

mep & integrated technology

KA partners with you to ensure a first class experience from beginning to end
  1. Review MEP systems
  2. Budget development
  3. Life-cycle cost analysis
  4. Quality control
  5. Start-up and commissioning

Building science

Like a local tour guide, our Building Science team provides specialized insight and vision to guarantee a quality experience
  1. Avoid building failures (Example: produce thermal models to predict the risk of condensation on the interior of windows and curtain wall systems)
  2. Thoroughly review the use of new construction materials, building systems, and methods (Example: Recommend a prefabricated wall system for a project characterized by tight space or schedule)
  3. Constructability review / risk assessment (Example: Collaborate on a design detail that would reduce disruption to an occupied space while maintaining design intent and cost)
  4. Optimize building code and energy code compliance decisions for each project (Example: Collaborate with building officials to ensure that CDs adequately address concerns over fire safety)
  5. Recommend site testing and observation programs to validate building enclosure performance (Example: Create window mock-ups on site to eliminate installation risks)

facility assessments

Like a well informed traveler, KA takes the time to map out decisions using data-driven strategies to complete system audits and facility conditions assessments
  1. Current asset condition and status: damage, defects, dysfunction
  2. Deferred maintenance and building deficiencies
  3. Remedial actions and priorities, facilities condition rating
  4. Estimated costs for remediation, 10-year budget planning, life-cycle cost analysis
  5. Prioritization of recommendations, future building strategy


Like a compass, together we can guide process management techniques to ensure an efficient and rewarding journey

Navigating Together

Our industry is constantly evolving. Together, we can unpack the complexities to design and build a world class experience.
Building enduring relationships and strong communities