A Day at the Harn Jared Holley

Medium of Art / Technique of the Artist: Frank Stella - Zandvoort

When viewing pictures of this sculpture online the images appear flat and two dimensional. However, when viewed in person the sculpture has so much more life and vibrancy as it actually protrudes from the wall itself and the viewer is able to see the intricate layers at play. The description stated that the art was meant to resemble that of a racetrack in a city in the Netherlands. From a picture this might seem odd, and many might chalk it up to mere abstract art being over exaggeration. However, when viewing the piece up close one can begin to appreciate the intricate bends and curves the piece has to offer and realize the colors are secondary to the structure itself. The race track is in the physical shape, but the adrenaline felt in a race is portrayed through the colors themselves. I also found this piece extra fascinating as stated it was made of etched magnesium which I found to be an particularly special material. This piece communicated to me the thrill of the racing scene and made me feel excitement and nostalgia for when I used to be an avid Formula 1 racing fan.

Design of the Museum: David Greenbaum - Untitled

Going into the museum I expected large open rooms with paintings on the walls and sculptures inside of glass boxes like many other museums I had been too. However, the design of the Harn was pleasantly surprising. I especially loved the consistent mixing of indoor and outdoor spaces to display how nature itself can be an art all of its own. This piece was especially striking to me. Although I could not venture outside into the space it seemed so tranquil and inviting. As if one could sit there and meditate for hours on end. That coupled with its simplicity made for a very enjoyable experience. I wish the door was open to the public to visit in. The other outdoor exhibits were equally as amazing as they made use of small architectural sculptures.

Art and Core Values: Guerrilla Girls - Untitled

The core value I will be focusing on is equality. It is a value that I have sought to uphold in my day to day life and also try to advance in the world around me. To me the idea seems like a simple and unquestionable notion, but as some of the artwork demonstrated to me it is farm from reaching that point yet. I found the entire Guerrilla Girls wing to be really emotional as I sat and read the statistics that they displayed through their art. For a long time I had known of general inequality towards women in say the workplace, but never took the time to appreciate the discrimination that one faces in the world of the arts for being a women. This specifically ties into the image I photographed which depicts how women make 1/3 of men in regards to artists. Their use of more modern and pop culture art methods such as this one allowed me as the viewer to easily understand their message while also appreciating the visual representations that had created to convey it. This imagery has given me more understanding on the necessity to further my core values in the world around me.

Art and the Good Life: Seated Bodhisattva

It is easily to quickly draw a connection with the art I have chosen to a work like Siddhartha, but to me this piece is more than just a connection to that book. The theme I have chosen to explore is service. The idea being that one can enrich their own lives by aiding in the lives of others. As the description for this piece states Bodhisattva's were people who refrained from entering enlightenment in order to help others seeking the same objective. The idea of that was astonishing to me as many of us see enlightenment as the ultimate achievement. This piece evokes the service theme by showing that everyone views the conclusion of a good life differently and that some can achieve it by helping others do the same. This added to my understanding of the theme by demonstrating the different ways in which individuals through history committed themselves to service.

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