Libra Project Asset management

For far too long bankers and asset managers have all been about making profit for themselves with little to no thought of the impact they are having on the world, on society and who really benefits from the investors' money.

Cities around the world have grown making handfuls of people rich much to the expense of everyone else.

Bankers and investments managers being paid big bonuses whilst around the world others suffer; many with little food, without electricity or clean water and our planet suffers as we consume every natural resource in the attempt to line our pockets with wealth.

And the profit-takers still rub their hands together.

The Problem:

  • Layers of fees and charges
  • Big bonuses being paid to the "middleman"
  • Lack of positive impact in the areas of investment
  • Focused on the profit, not the social, economical and sustainable side of the investment.
  • Mediocre returns to the investor
  • The fund managers, banks and custodians make the most profit

Have you ever thought:

"There must be a better way to invest my hard earned money"?

A way to invest where the sole focus of investments is to create a positive and sustainable impact.

A focus to improve lives, educate, feed, provide clean electricity and clean water.

A way to invest where the profits instead of being paid out in big bankers' bonuses are used to develop non-profit projects that have a massive impact on people's lives in the most needed regions of the planet.

A way to invest where you get a great return and sleep well at night with the knowledge that your hard earned money is being put to some good use; that it is making a real positive change to someone else' life and helping to restore the balance of the world.

We Have.

We believe in challenging the investment status quo.

We believe there is a better way to invest.

A sustainable way, a way that delivers a real positive impact.

And as a result, returns a great profit to the investor.

What we do is:

Hand select green energy projects around the world.

Projects in Solar, wind,hydro electric, waste heat recovery.

We design the soloution.

We fund without government aid the projects with the help of our investors.

These projects create local jobs and deliver education packages.

We over-see the projects construction at every step through to commissioning ensuring the best practices and reducing construction and design costs.

So you see, NOW there is a better way to invest.

Where you as an investor get a great return.

Where each project has a real, sustainable positive impact socially, economically and environmentally.

Putting the control and impact of your wealth back in your hands.

Now is the time for us to put some balance back into the world of investing.

"Sustainable Growth"

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