Fifty Shades of Pink Bras for the cAuse

Fifty Shades of Pink! Supporting Community Families Touched by Cancer

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The Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation (GCCF) is a non-profit foundation whose sole mission is to support the citizens of South Lake County as they cope with the emotional and financial aspects of dealing with cancer.

CCF Bras for the Cause and Boxers, too! Bras for the Cause and Boxers, Too, is a Runway show and Auction featuring custom designed and decorated bras and boxers donated by our community members. This is their 10th year, but our first entry!! We hope you will bid on our Bra...

The Design Concept,Song and Inspiration

The song, You Can Leave Your Hat On, by Joe Cocker, was best known as the featured track in the 1986 film 9 -1/2 weeks, where Kim Basinger seductively strips off her business attire in a personal dance for her boyfriend played by Micky Rourke.

(If there ever was a rated PG version of 50 Shades of Grey, this movie would have been it).

Both movies are about a relationship that can be called obscure, that breaks the rules, and thus treads in the grey area of the social norm; While our theme is not a tribute to obscure relationships, "50 Shades of Pink" celebrates a different way of defining beauty in fashion and physique.

Let's face it. It feels good to feel beautiful. To feel desired. To feel attractive to your partner. We all yearn for that. For most of us we can control how much we weigh, what we wear or how we look; But for those who are battling cancer, it's a double edged sword. Suddenly any last bit of control over their bodies seems fleeting; in the hands of oncologists and radiologists, needles and pills, the unknown bears down hard. Clothing become a means to hide a disfigured body rather than accentuate it; Hats and scarves hide the secrets chemotherapy revealed, instead of making the fashion statement they once did. Dealing with the cancer is already so difficult -- take away the feeling of being beautiful ... and it's crushing...


There are hundreds of different stories and battles in this room alone of women who, if they wanted to dance like Kim Basinger would not be defined by societal rules or the standards of Vogue magazine. Instead their beauty would be displayed through their strength and dignity, courage and grace.


The essence of the bra incorporates the elements of a man's tuxedo and business attire - the significance of strength and provision; whilst beneath the layers of "suit and tie", her beauty is unveiled with class and elegance; with silk and satin, bows and gemstones and of course, plenty of pink.

The hat is mysterious and seductive... and as suggested in the song ... will be left on.

So for you our cousin Dorinda and mother Jimie, we want you to know that we recognize how hard it was for you to put on your hat and smile like you did, pretending you felt great even in the weakest of moments throughout your battle. And even though you had to go much too soon, you're fight and dignity made you the most beautiful women we know!

And for our friends Michele, Keri and sister Lanette, as you remember where you've been, and continue to carry the hope for so many other hansomely beautiful men and women who share your story, we want you to know, hat or no hat, you are even more BEAUTIFUL in our eyes and the others you inspire!

Our bra! Fifty Shades of Pink

(You click on the paypal donation link and put "50 shades of pink" in the comments.) All donations go to charity however the highest bidder gets to keep the bra!

Bid on this bra! All proceeds going to the Greater clermont cancer association

GCCF Bras for the Cause and Boxers, too!

Bras for the Cause and Boxers, Too, is a Runway show and Auction featuring custom designed and decorated bras and boxers donated by our community members. This will be our tenth year for this fundraiser and it is going to be fabulous! The date is Saturday, April 22, 2017. We will be hosting the event at the Clermont Performing Arts Center 3700 S. Hwy 27. Check back with us for times and future updates and announcements. For Auction and donations to the event you may contact Marie Howd at For sponsor and ticket information please contact Kay Simpson at 352-435-3202.

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