LGBT Rights Movement By: Nova Olson

Background Information

Gay people in the 1960's & 1970's were discriminated against and had their rights taken from them. Due to their sexuality they were being arrested. Being part of this community was not socially acceptable. In this time period in New York the Stone Wall Riot occurred. This was an event that happened because LGBT wanted a bar where they could freely drink and dance. They got arrested and in trouble with the law for doing so.

This is the Stonewall Inn in 2012

People would call the police on gay people because of gay acts in public and private areas. If anybody near the Stonewall Inn was not a Straight Cisgender Man/Woman then somebody would call the police on them.

This is a gay bar 2017

Gay people overcame this obstacle by rioting, justing doing whatever they wanted to do, and go against the people who were trying to arrest them and try to use their rights against the people who were against them.

Kids that are homeless because they are homosexual had a potential "home" within the Stonewall.

From the handed out documents, document C stated "The stone wall became home to these kids. When it was raided they fought for it." Kids didn't have anywhere else to go because their parents would kick them out because they're gay. The Stonewall Inn was a place to stay at when it was cold out in the winter, and when its hot out in the summer.

Gay people cannot be discriminated in public, workplace or in school. Gay people can get married to their same sex. People are more accepting now. People cannot be fired because of their sexuality. The orlando shooting at a gay bar and 52 people dying. They were targeted because of their sexuality and This was like the same exact thing happened in the 1960’s - 1970’s.


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